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There are abundant packaging materials for meat products in the U.S. market

meat products in the United States are packaged with a variety of composite materials to meet various packaging and processing conditions and storage and transportation environments. In addition to the traditional composite packaging materials suitable for high temperature and pasteurization, as an important part of advanced high molecular materials, the new composite packaging materials with high transparency and high barrier, whose output value is close to that of the industry, have also been introduced in the United States. These composite packaging materials are especially suitable for modified atmosphere packaging and vacuum packaging

American meat products composite packaging materials usually use pa/pe, opa/alu/pe, pet/alu/pe, pa/evoi-i/pe, pet/evoh/pe, pet/alu/pet/pe campus post station also covers nearly 1800 colleges and universities, pet/alu/pet/pp, pve/evoh/pe, etc. Among them, the composite packaging opa/al u/pe is suitable for pasteurization and is mainly used for ham packaging bags; Pet/alu/pet/pe is applicable to the disinfection of cooked ham and used for ham packaging bags; Pet/alu/pet/pp is suitable for semi-finished products and cooked ham packaging bags, which can be disinfected at high temperature; Pet/alu/pe has good processing performance and is suitable for the packaging tray of semi-finished meat slices; Pa/evoh/pe has high barrier property and good physical and chemical properties, which is suitable for vacuum packaging of ham slices; Composite packaging pet/evoh/pe has high barrier property and is suitable for vacuum packaging of ham; Pa/pe composite packaging material can be thermoformed and has very good adhesion with products, which is suitable for ham packaging and so on; Evoh/pe can be thermoformed, with good stiffness and high barrier property. It is suitable for modified atmosphere packaging

the printing methods of the above composite packaging of meat products are mostly gravure printing or flexographic printing, and the color printing effect is very good

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