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The United States predicts that the PVC market will strengthen next year or put pressure on Chinese enterprises

the latest report from the United States says that the PVC price will rise by 5 cents/pound in the first quarter of 2014. This news further strengthened the confidence of local PVC manufacturers to open a new round of quotations

the report points out that the strong price of raw ethylene and the good export of PVC are two favorable factors supporting the rise of PVC prices. According to the analysis of industry analysts, with the advent of the off-season of consumption, the U.S. PVC market used to face price reduction pressure due to weak demand in the fourth quarter of each year. However, this year is an exception. Due to the rising spot price of ethylene in the fourth quarter, combined with the axial tension generated by the current export demand and the strong torque required for change, PVC prices are expected to continue to increase slightly by January and February next year. Analysts added

it is reported that the PVC market quotation in the United States in October increased by 1 per pound compared with the previous one. As China's leading exhibition focusing on the design and research and development of medical devices, raw materials, parts and components, processing technology and manufacturing services; Prices in November and October were basically flat. For the overall price in December, local producers said they were confident to maintain its rising momentum

at the beginning of October, the market quotation of ethylene in the United States was 43.5 cents/pound. Since then, the price of ethylene began to rise steadily. In early December, its price rose to cents/pound. At the beginning of this year, the price of pipe grade PVC was 53.5 cents/pound, a record low this year. Subsequently, the PVC market began to get rid of the decline and rose slightly. At present, the quotation of this grade of PVC is 58.5 cents/pound

in recent months, the export of PVC from the United States has been stable. This has exacerbated the tight supply situation in the domestic PVC market to a certain extent. Some local PVC manufacturers said that their PVC export shipments were sold out in December

in recent years, building materials products in the United States have accounted for 60% of its total products, 62% in Western Europe, 50% in Japan, and less than 30% in China. There is a lot of room for growth. In building materials products, PVC pipes are mainly used, including building water pipes, agricultural irrigation pipes, gas transmission pipes, crude oil transmission pipes, etc

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