The hottest U.S. inventory rose, and the internati

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American Treasury company upholds "Yunzhi Xinghuacun rises, the international oil price drops sharply, and there are rumors of price adjustment. It is inevitable that the price will rise in the future market.

on August 24, the market as a whole was stable yesterday, and some main diesel oil rose. At present, the tension of market resources is becoming increasingly intense, and Fujian, Yanjiang and other main businesses strongly pushed up diesel prices, which further boosted the bullish expectations of the industry, and the market rumors about price adjustment at the end of the month are rising again. The author pointed out many times that the market fundamentals It has been reversed, and the conditions for the rise of oil prices are mature, so it is difficult to avoid high prices due to tight capital in the future. Since the middle and late of this month, it has been common for the main business to stop batch and control sales. The mentality of holding stocks and waiting for prices to rise has been stimulated. Waiting for the news of price adjustment at any time is likely to buy products at a high price. For operators, it is now the last time to purchase, that is, the smaller the machine the sensor grabs. No matter whether the price is adjusted or not, the oil price will eventually rise in the second half of the year, and it is possible to make profits only by mastering resources

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