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U.S. ethanol exports hit a record

U.S. ethanol, which is subsidized as a local substitute for foreign oil, is currently reaching a record level

this situation deviates from the original intention of the US biofuel policy, that is, to provide tax credits to enterprises that mix ethanol into gasoline to reduce their dependence on imported fossil fuels

the increasing export volume of ethanol will become the core content of the debate on mixed fuel tax credits, which will expire at the end of this year. The credit enjoyed by American export enterprises has been opposed by Europe

rob vierhout of epure, the European ethanol Association, said: "the intention of providing tax credits for blended fuels is not to promote their exports". He also warned that Europe might take legal action to prevent the United States from exporting ethanol subsidized by the tax credit

discontinuous carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastic composites in the United States are expected to become the mainstream materials in the automotive industry; Miss Peng Lizhen and Mr Feng Hui from the Engineering Plastics Department of Chevron Phillips Hong Kong company in their speech "PPS is used on auto parts", most of the ethanol is extracted from corn, and the export of ethanol increases the demand for corn. According to the prediction of the U.S. Department of agriculture, nearly 40% of this year's corn harvest will be turned into ethanol fuel. Recently, corn futures hit a two-year high

data released by the U.S. government last week showed that in the first nine months to September 30, the United States exported 251million gallons of ethanol fuel, more than double the annual export volume of 2009. This year, the United States has become a net exporter of ethanol fuel due to social development

since ethanol mixed with gasoline before export is not included in the data, the actual export figure may be higher. Christoph Berg of fo Licht, a consulting firm in Hamburg, Germany, estimates that blended fuels have increased the total amount of ethanol exported from the United States to Europe by more than 50%

after the spring was produced, it was reported that the top ethanol export destinations in the United States were: Canada, 75million gallons; 58million gallons in the Netherlands; UAE, 5million gallons; UK, 10million gallons; And Saudi Arabia, 170000 gallons

some of the blended fuels exported by traders enjoy a tax credit of 45 cents per gallon. According to the data of the U.S. Congress budget office, 2 belongs to nondestructive testing category 1. In 2009, the biofuel tax credit policy reduced the U.S. tax revenue by a total of $6billion

greendiesel trading, which specializes in renewable fuel trading, is one of the enterprises enjoying tax credit. Some of the blended ethanol exported by the company from Texas to Europe took advantage of this policy. "If we buy 5% blended fuels from processing plants, it is they who enjoy the credit policy. If we mix fuels in Houston, it is us," said Marc van driessche, manager of greendiesel trading in Antwerp, Belgium

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