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"Donghua University Taicang technological innovation alliance" and "Jiangsu Taicang fiber new material industry technology research institute" signed a grand contract

in order to strengthen the integration of Donghua University's disciplinary talent resource advantages and Taicang's economic development advantages, and create a good scientific and technological innovation environment integrating "politics, industry, learning, research and application", Donghua University, Taicang rongwen Synthetic Fiber Co., Ltd On the basis of friendly consultations, the people's Government of Huangjing town of Taicang City and the Taicang science and technology bureau reached a consensus to jointly prepare and establish the "Jiangsu Taicang Fiber Industry Technology Research Institute for the production of renewable materials with more than 5000 molds" (Donghua University Taicang technological innovation alliance)

on July 25, Taicang held a grand "2011 Taicang science and technology talents double hundred docking conference". At the meeting, zhumeifang, Dean of the school of materials of Donghua University, Guan Xue, chairman of Taicang rongwen Synthetic Fiber Co., Ltd., then made the purified synthetic gas into methanol, Jiang Chao, Secretary of the Party committee of Huangjing Town, Taicang City, and pan Hongzhong, director of Taicang science and Technology Bureau, signed a four party cooperation agreement to jointly build the "Jiangsu Taicang fiber new material industry technology research institute" (Donghua University Taicang technological innovation alliance). Taicang electronic is a new product developed in recent years. The main leaders of four teams, including Lu Liusheng, Secretary of the municipal Party committee, Lu weiqi, deputy secretary, and Wang xinhou, deputy director of the Organization Department of Donghua University, jointly witnessed the signing. The meeting was presided over by zhudafeng, executive vice mayor of Taicang

in the future, based on the "Donghua University Taicang technological innovation alliance", the four parties will establish the "Jiangsu Taicang fiber new material industry technology research institute" to carry out research and development in high-tech fields such as fiber material molding. The Research Institute will take high-tech industrialization as the goal, information transmission as the carrier, policy support as the support, and transformation service as the guarantee, promote technology capitalization in the transformation of high-tech achievements, and accelerate the industrialization of scientific and technological achievements of Donghua University in Taicang area

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