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Delta CP2000 high efficiency, energy saving and stable battle front of heating

the application and development of heating energy-saving technology is not only a decisive factor for the economic benefits of a region or enterprise, but also an important embodiment of the country's strengthening environmental protection construction, adhering to the scientific concept of development and taking the path of sustainable development. With the promotion of energy-saving technology, all regions continue to deepen the reform of heating system, strengthen the application and popularization of new central heating technology, and the application of frequency conversion control and mixed water circulation, effectively reducing the power consumption of heating system

the secondary heating water circulation system of the heat exchange station directly drives the quantitative pump to operate directly through the motor. In order to ensure the safety factor, the designer usually appropriately amplifies a certain safety factor, so the motor with greater power than the input power of the pump is often selected in the selection of the motor

the secondary heating system of the heat exchange station is divided into constant flow and variable flow systems according to different flow conditions, but both modes are direct power frequency operation of the motor. Because the speed is fixed, it cannot be adjusted according to the actual demand change of external load. When the external temperature and flow demand change, the valve can only be adjusted manually to meet the demand adjustment, which wastes a lot of energy. Moreover, the direct connection starting current of the motor is large, causing large mechanical impact, which directly increases the loss of the equipment

these problems are well solved by using CP2000 series frequency converter. Under the demand of heating, the running speed of the motor can be adjusted humanized and the demand pressure can be set at will. Through the feedback combination of external pressure sensors, the overall automatic control system is formed. The data less than this value is not kept by the peak value, and the energy consumption is greatly reduced through sleep and wake-up. Through the circulation of multiple pumps, we can respond to external needs in time to achieve the purpose of unattended, efficient and energy-saving

1 composition of control system

control system: vfd007c43a*1+vfd055c43a*1

2 composition of heating system

the whole production system of heating system includes coal conveying system, combustion system, dust removal system, demineralized water circulation system, etc. The coal conveying system consists of a vibrating coal feeder, a conveyor, a vibrating screen, a coal crusher, a coal ram, a grate machine, etc. after crushing, the coal is conveyed to the grate for combustion; The combustion system is sent back to the boiler by the blower and induced draft fan through the circulating pump. The water lost in the circulation of the system is supplemented with demineralized water by the make-up pump and then transferred to the heat exchanger for heat exchange. If the circulating water leaks during the circulation, the water replenishment system will replenish it in time through the feedback monitoring of the sensor, and automatically track the change of the water pressure of the secondary return pipe to adjust and maintain the balance of the system

The working process of the heating and heat exchange system is an energy transfer process of continuous heat exchange. The control of water circulation is the core control of the whole system

3 working energy-saving principle

compared with soft start, the frequency converter can achieve the functions of slow start and slow stop, so as to reduce the impact on the load side, but the soft start cannot adjust the frequency and can only operate according to the power frequency, thus wasting a lot of invalid work to ensure this accuracy level

variable frequency speed regulation is an efficient speed regulation method without slip loss, and the power factor can reach more than 90%. The frequency converter can not only directly control the motor speed, but also adjust the output power supply voltage accordingly at the same time of frequency conversion. Use the frequency converter to adjust the speed, and rotate the handle of the oil delivery valve for one week to adjust the flow and pressure of the water pump, so that the heating system can operate more stably and conveniently, so as to achieve the effect of energy saving. Frequency conversion control reduces the impact on the equipment and extends the service life of the equipment

by using CP2000 series frequency converter to receive the pressure value changes collected and fed back on the water circulation channel, adjust the output frequency in time to adjust the supply of water and the increase or decrease of water pressure, so as to achieve the balance of the set value. Because the whole system is a closed-loop processing architecture, the water pressure control can be adjusted in time when the external load changes

the circulating water pump controlled by the frequency converter is a centrifugal load type. The energy consumed by the load is proportional to the cube of the flow. The relationship between energy consumption and speed is: Q (flow) = kn; H (pressure) = k2n2; P (shaft power) = q H = k3n3. Among them, K1, K2 and K3 are constants, and N is the speed of the motor

three phase AC asynchronous induction motor n =60 f (1-s)/p, where f is the power supply frequency, s is the slip ratio, and P is the number of motor poles. After the motor index is confirmed, s and P are fixed constants, then n can be expressed as: n = k0f, that is, it is linearly proportional to the power supply frequency. Theoretically, when the motor speed is reduced by 18%, electricity can be saved by more than 40%

4 C2000 features and related debugging attention to detailed parameters

delta CP2000 series inverter has internal high-efficiency PID (with sleep function), multi pump cycle, timing, quantitative cycle control BACnet communication protocol (bacnetms/tp), multi group backup of panel parameters, PWM intelligent fan speed regulation, high resolution (digital command 0.01Hz, analog command 0.03/60hz, +-11bit of the maximum output frequency) The function and the built-in 10000steps PLC function that can be programmed and controlled by the customer can easily integrate the external complex logic into one control through the frequency converter

4.1 set relevant analog quantity collection type

Figure 1 relevant analog quantity collection type

4.2 set control command source

Figure 2 control command source

4.3 set PID parameter data

Figure 3 PID parameters

4.4 set cycle type quantitative cycle

Figure 4 quantitative cycle setting

4.5 set cycle type timing cycle

Figure 5 timing cycle setting

figure 6 wiring diagram

Figure 7 site diagram

6 end With the continuous promotion and application of energy-saving technology, the frequency converter has gradually evolved from a simple motor control to a small control system, and has been rapidly expanded in the constant pressure water supply industry. With its unique high-precision control characteristics and stable control performance, delta integrated product solutions have highlighted achievements in many control demand areas, and enhanced the competitiveness of enterprises' products and implemented projects

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