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Delta ah500 medium PLC refers to the high-end market

ah500 medium PLC, asda-m series servo, C2000 690V frequency converter, ispsoft software ver 2.00 and many other innovative products have been launched successively

breakthroughs in the application of electric vehicle charging solutions, platinum grade net zero energy green buildings, and the 30mwp golden sun demonstration project in Datang Shanghai Comprehensive Bonded Zone

was selected into the 2012 Dow Jones sustainable world index and Dow Jones sustainable Asia Pacific Index (djsiasia/pacific), and won the honor of being the first leader in the global ITC electronic equipment industry

2012 is still a remarkable year for Delta. Among these achievements, the introduction of delta ah500 modular medium programmable controller is of great significance. It is reported that Delta's medium-sized modular programmable controller is named ah series, which comes from the automation system for high level application. Its meaning is just as what Mr. zhangshaokun, director of Zhongda Diantong industrial control system (ICS) product department, said: This is the beginning of delta's entry into the high-end market in the automation field, representing the new stage of delta automation

continue to innovate and layout the high-end market

as the core of the automation system, Delta has been committed to the small PLC market for many years since it launched the first small PLC in 1999. When the PL breaks, the 10 prefix will automatically stop. As a latecomer, Delta PLC continues to expand its market share with high quality, high performance and high economic applicability, becoming a veritable dark horse in China's Small PLC market, a new competitive force that can not be ignored by major brands, and a representative of Chinese brands in the PLC field

however, excellent enterprises will never stop at what they have achieved. In recent years, searching up and down has become a major development trend in the automation industry. Under the situation of saturation of the original market space, it has gradually penetrated into areas that are not strong. Searching up and down for the overall situation has become the key to a new round of competition among automation enterprises. Large automation enterprises continue to launch economical medium and low-end application products, and automation enterprises that originally focused on small and medium-sized application markets have also begun to enter the high-end market

under this trend, Delta has continuously strengthened in recent years. With its strong "craftsman spirit", they have made in-depth layout and development of the market without considering the contraction of cross-section; Therefore, new products appear frequently. In 2012 alone, a series of new products such as CNC numerical control system, DVS Ethernet switch, vision system, multi industry special frequency converter, manipulator and so on were launched

in August 2012, Delta ah500 modular medium-sized programmable controller was officially launched in Taiwan, and was immediately launched in the mainland market in September. According to Zhang Shaokun, ah500 medium-sized PLC was independently developed and manufactured by delta group for four years, and has been verified for one year. It has excellent performance in stability, multifunction, high-speed response, complete modularization, standardization and maturity

figure: Mr. zhangshaokun, director of Zhongda Diantong industrial control system (ICS) product division

delta obviously has high hopes for ah500 medium-sized PLC. Zhang Shaokun said: Small PLC is limited by function and scale, and its application is limited. Delta has transformed from a component provider to a system integration and solution provider in recent years, and its requirements for PLC have also been upgraded from the role of components to the control hub. The launch of ah500 will undoubtedly facilitate the development of delta in the project-based market of petrochemical, power and other process industries, marking the leap forward development of delta from an industry general solution supplier to a high-end comprehensive solution supplier

Since its establishment, delta group has been committed to technological innovation, combining the latest technology with applications to provide users with economical, applicable and high-performance automation products, which is fully reflected in the ah500 series medium-sized PLC released this time

according to the introduction, in order to meet the market demand, Delta ah500 series adopts a dual core multitask operation processor, with a maximum program capacity of 256K steps, and the data buffer is also increased to 64K words. The high-speed program processing capacity is more able to process 1K steps within 0.3 milliseconds, providing a variety of module options including digital i/o, analog i/o, temperature, network, pulse output and dmcnet motion control

ah500 not only greatly improves the execution speed and memory capacity, but also provides a more flexible system expansion architecture and more diversified module options, which can freely extend the system architecture and greatly improve the flexibility of wiring. In addition, its reliable hot plug function allows users to directly replace the module without shutdown, avoiding possible losses caused by system shutdown, and greatly improving the maintainability of the module in case of failure

in addition, ah500 has launched pulse PM and bus MC series modules for motion control, which operate independently in motion mode while maintaining the convenience of data exchange; It supports a variety of communication protocols and can realize high-speed network communication. Users can easily and quickly integrate delta inverter, servo motor, man-machine interface, visual system and temperature controller, and build intelligent solutions to meet the needs of high-end application system integration, so as to fully meet the different needs of high-end customers for medium-sized PLC

for the price problem that users are most concerned about, Zhang Shaokun frankly said that ah500 medium-sized PLC has considerable advantages in price: This is mainly due to Delta's experience and advantages in quality and cost control as a large-scale electronic manufacturing enterprise

integration strategy, looking forward to market breakthrough

for the ah500 medium-sized PLC that Delta has high hopes, market recognition is the ultimate goal it pursues. At present, the problem facing Zhang Shaokun and his team is how to develop the application of ah500 medium-sized PLC market and obtain the recognition of delta from high-end market users

Zhang Shaokun said: in terms of industry selection, delta combined its experience and advantages in green building, intelligent transportation and plant management in recent years, and built mature and intelligent integrated solutions such as sewage treatment control system, building automation HVAC system and plant automation system with ah500 as the core

it is reported that ah500 medium-sized PLC has been successfully applied in the sewage treatment control system of a water plant in South China recently. Delta ah500 medium-sized PLC's flexible star shaped i/o network architecture can meet the application characteristics of large sewage treatment area, scattered i/o and low density. It uses the perfect combination of communication network and DVP series PLC to build a flexible control system, which is convenient for staff to monitor and operate the operation process

from point to area, delta expects that the success of more exemplary projects can bring large-scale market space to ah500 PLC

in terms of market strategy, delta actively strengthens cooperation with design institutes and system integrators, and also carries out technical exchanges in many cities to directly show users the excellent performance of ah500

it is reported that since the technical exchange meeting of delta modular programmable controller ah500 series was held in Harbin in early September 2012, the R & D team of delta ah500 has traveled through 16 cities, including Shenyang, Zhengzhou, Beijing, Guangzhou, Fuzhou, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Wuhan, Chengdu and Xi'an, covering North China, East China, South China and West China

Delta's English name is delta, which means change in the field of natural science. It means adapting to change, actively innovating and winning the future. Since Delta industrial automation launched its first frequency converter 17 years ago, it has developed into a component supplier covering many industrial automation product lines. Today, it has become a world-renowned industrial automation system solution provider, which is the best practice of this concept. What changes will ah500 medium-sized PLC bring to Delta in the high-end market? We should wait and see

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