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Tai'an iron tower company focuses on transformation and development, focuses on the implementation of the "one body, two wings" strategy, and strengthens the six adherence to Party building. 3D printing has been changing the geometric convention, leading and boosting high-quality development. First, adhere to the leadership of political construction and comprehensively improve the implementation of decision-making and deployment. Second, adhere to deepening theme education, continue to stimulate the entrepreneurial passion of officers, and promote transformation and development. Third, adhere to the promotion of the three basic construction, give full play to the role of the branch battle fortress built by the pairing of departments and regions, promote the deep integration of Party building and production, focus on goals, fill weaknesses, strengthen the foundation, increase vitality, improve efficiency, increase benefits, continue to tackle difficulties and boost development. Fourth, insist on strengthening team building, continuously stimulate the enthusiasm, initiative and creativity of safe and reliable team officers, stimulate team vitality and enhance endogenous motivation. Fifth, adhere to the construction of ideology and culture, strengthen ideological education and cultural forging, give full play to the cohesion, binding force, leadership and creativity of culture, and converge development. 7. The experimental speed tetxing speed:0.001~300mm/min can be adjusted arbitrarily. Sixth, we should persist in promoting risk prevention and control, strengthen political supervision, improve the supervision system, optimize the supervision mechanism, deepen the construction of work style, and strengthen integrity education. Therefore, the state comprehensively stops the entry of foreign garbage, continues to build a clean and positive development environment, and escorts high-quality development

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