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Delta brings intelligent manufacturing solutions to the 2020 China high tech fair

delta was invited to participate in the 22nd China International High Tech fair 2020 (hereinafter referred to as the high tech Fair) held in Shenzhen from November 11 to 15, to display Delta's R & D achievements in the field of industrial automation. Delta can not only save manpower for manufacturing customers, but also have a product line suitable for rapid production It can directly connect with the front and rear processes and publish the energy consumption verification results of LCA (life cycle assessment), which can effectively help the manufacturing industry move towards automation and intelligence. Delta booth is located in hall 1 of Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, intelligent manufacturing exhibition area, booth 1c80. Friends from all walks of life are welcome to visit and guide

Mr. Wang Guangpo, general manager of Delta South China, said that with his knowledge of power electronics and automatic control and years of experience, Delta has been deeply involved in the field of industrial automation in the past decade. Today, Delta industrial automation products, systems and solutions have been applied in many fields, including automatic manufacturing equipment such as food, textile, chemical industry, electronics, machine tools, as well as air conditioning, water supply, energy-saving equipment and system solutions and services in factories and buildings. It is committed to the development and integration of big data analysis and IOT applications and solutions, which are the basis for Delta to expand industrial automation

Delta has set up a factory in Dongguan since 1992 and has been deeply involved in the mainland market. South China is an important place for Delta's production and operation. Delta has accumulated many successful cases in Guangdong, Shenzhen and other places, including: providing high-voltage DC power supply system for Guangzhou No.1 cloud data center, 4K DLP large screen display system for spring bamboo shoots, a new landmark in Shenzhen Bay, intelligent control system for Zhaoqing station transportation hub complex, large LED display screens for Guangzhou and Zhuhai Chimelong Park It has provided engineering projectors for Guangzhou International Lighting festival for six consecutive years. Special thanks to the Shenzhen Taiwan Affairs Office for inviting Taida to participate in this high tech fair. We look forward to using the platform of the high tech fair to highlight Taida's industrial automation products and solutions to users across the country and even around the world, so as to help the manufacturing industry comprehensively transform and upgrade towards intelligent, green and sustainable development

the highlight products displayed by delta at the 2020 high tech fair include:

◆ tracking dispenser: This product uses SCARA robot, which is suitable for dispensing needs with dense parts and large angle differences. It also has a quick disassembly structure of dispensing gun, and can be equipped with Belts/roller chains/speed doubling chains and other transportation. Mass production can only require about 50% martensitic modules after heat treatment and quenching, and is compatible with double flow conveyor belts, according to the project leader, The scope of application includes rtv133 thermal conductive/fixing adhesive with similar characteristics

◆ automatic screw locking machine: the program automatically switches the torque without mechanical adjustment. In addition, it outputs the torque of the lock and displays the torque curve. At most, it can lock the screws of five product surfaces except the bottom surface. At the same time, the product can also adopt the mode of production

◆ tracking labeling machine: This product adopts automatic calculation of label taking position, and the labeling accuracy can reach 1 mm. It can detect the vacuum degree of the label, as well as automatic re suction and over limit automatic alarm, and carry out real-time monitoring, and timely alarm and maintenance in case of abnormalities

◆ electronic servo press: accurately control the amount and position of the lower pressure, and use the multiple control mode for real-time control, quickly judge the good and bad, and use regional remote control to quickly execute instructions, and improve PC software to improve operation efficiency

about delta

founded in 1971, delta provides power management and heat dissipation solutions for the world, and occupies an important position in many product fields. Facing the increasingly serious issue of climate change, delta adheres to the business mission of environmental protection, energy conservation and love the earth, uses the core technology of power electronics, integrates global resources and innovative research and development, and deeply cultivates three business areas, including power supply and components, automation and infrastructure. At the same time, delta actively develops its brand, and holds 4 chemical construction companies to undertake the civil and installation works of the project and continue to provide efficient and reliable energy-saving overall solutions. Headquartered in Taiwan, delta operates all over the world, with R & D centers and production bases in China, the United States, Japan, Singapore, Mexico, Brazil and Europe

in recent years, Delta has successively won a number of international honors and affirmation. Since 2011, it has been selected into the DJSI world index of the Dow Jones Sustainability Index for nine consecutive years; It also received the rating of climate change leadership in the 2019 CDP (carbon Information Disclosure Project) annual evaluation

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