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The 250million project invested by Taibo group was officially stationed in Heyuan

one of the world's top ten float glass production enterprises, Taibo group was stationed in Heyuan -- yesterday, the mining project invested by Taibo Heyuan in Lankou Town, Dongyuan County, Heyuan officially started. At present, the project has invested more than 50million yuan. Researchers believe that 200million yuan will be invested in mineral mining and glass and artificial marble production this year and next. After the project is put into operation, it can achieve an annual output value of 200million yuan. However, this is a game changer of the project, which marks another important step for Heyuan to promote the scientific and orderly development of mineral resources and turn resource advantages into economic advantages. This unique pet bottle processing technology has greatly improved the shelf life

as one of the world's top ten float glass manufacturers, glass fiber will not cause any loss to the consolidation of composite materials. The Taibo group, whose production and sales volume of Webb ranks third in the world, began to invest and build factories in the mainland in 1993. Lin Boshi, chairman of Taiwan Glass Group, said that Heyuan quartz is rich in mineral resources and excellent in mineral quality. Taiwan glass will develop towards the development of high-quality mineral resources and high-tech materials. In accordance with the requirements of green environmental protection, Taiwan glass will continue to expand its development space, vigorously develop intensive processing projects, produce high-value and high-tech products, and make Taiwan Glass bigger and stronger

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