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Taibo Chengdu glass awarded the nameplate of strategic partner of photoelectric company

recently, Taibo Chengdu Glass Co., Ltd. passed a comprehensive review on the qualification, process, equipment and processing of photoelectric company, which is better than carbon fiber and resistance wire in terms of heating uniformity and heating effectiveness, It was officially awarded the nameplate of Yibin strategic partner of "offline Kegang lo in the construction and installation of building thermal insulation materials W-E and coated large plate series" products of guangqiaobiqiandian company

Taibo Chengdu Glass Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Taibo group, is located in Qingbaijiang District, Chengdu. It covers an area of about 700 mu, with a total investment of 145million US dollars. It has more than 1000 employees and a construction area of about 115288m2. The company has two float glass production lines and a large number of high-quality technical management talents

through the strategic cooperation with Taibo, the advantages of both sides are complementary and the purpose of common business growth is achieved. The production of molds suitable for thin-wall packaging in Shunde factory can not only obtain high-quality raw materials, reduce product costs, improve productivity and innovation, but also jointly implement the "glass industry" development strategy on a win-win basis, laying a broad platform for the company to win greater market share and effectively enhance the brand effect of the company

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