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Tai'an machinery mixer enterprise

Tai'an machinery is also a mixer enterprise in the key field of high-tech competition

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Tai'an mechanical mixer enterprise

Zibo Yousheng Chemical Equipment Co., Ltd. has strong technical force, advanced and sophisticated equipment, complete and strict testing equipment. Strictly follow the service tenet of "prospering the factory with science and technology, giving priority to quality and putting users first". For more than ten years, with the support and cooperation of the Department and the vast number of new and old users across the country, the company has grown and developed on the basis of rigorous scientific attitude and strong technical force, with solid sales support. It attaches importance to product quality and reputation, and has been rated as a "contract abiding and trustworthy" and "AA" credit enterprise over the years

the blade is composed of a high-performance side stirred hydrofoil profile, which is sprayed with enamel glaze on the outside and fired at high temperature. The vertical mixer has strong anti-corrosion ability of side mixing, and the vertical mixer has the function of high-efficiency and energy-saving side mixing. Compared with the national glass lining industry standard frame, anchor, leaf and paddle products: 1 The mixing is more uniform and the time is shortened by more than 20%; Reduce energy consumption by more than 30%; The product yield is improved by mixing on different sides of the vertical mixer according to the sensitivity of the process to mixing. Airfoil axial-flow agitator is most suitable for the following process operations: liquid-liquid rapid mixing; Liquid solid suspension 5; Mutually exclusive solution liquid side stirring dispersion (e.g. suspension polymerization, extraction); Strengthen the stirring flow of liquid materials in the reactor; Application example of airfoil axial-flow agitator in industrial production of chemical agitator: a side stirred polystyrene polymerizer (suspension polymerization) of a company originally used five layer two leaf flat slurry, and the product qualification rate was not ideal. After using our company's side stirring airfoil axial-flow propeller (three layers)

mechanism features: cartridge structure, strong versatility of parts, non directional transmission, generally used with hydraulic pump station. 2012 double face mechanical seal: operating temperature - ℃ (350 ℃). Pressure range -0.1-0.6mpa When the temperature exceeds 180 ℃, a cooling water tank shall be set. When the operating pressure is greater than 0.6MPa, the pressure balancing device must be used. It is mainly used for mixing shaft seal on the side of enamel reactor, and can adapt to various strong corrosive granular media. Mechanism features: cartridge structure, strong versatility of parts, non directional transmission, generally used with hydraulic pump station. Packing seals are also divided into: 403 type double-layer carbon steel packing box, 404 type double-layer stainless steel packing box, 1410 type carbon steel packing box with cooling water jacket, 1412 type stainless steel packing box with cooling water jacket, 1411 type carbon steel packing box, 1413 type stainless steel packing box, 1414 type atmospheric stainless steel packing box, 21 type atmospheric carbon steel packing box while completing the drying of 56 furnace chambers

0 high speed ratio and high efficiency single-stage drive can achieve 87 side mixing reduction ratio, with an efficiency of more than 90% of the chemical mixer. If multi-stage drive is adopted, the reduction ratio is greater. The reduction ratio of primary transmission is 9~87, the reduction ratio of double transmission is 121 ~ 5133, and the multi-stage combination can reach tens of thousands. Moreover, the needle tooth meshing system is sleeve type rolling friction, and the meshing surface has no relative sliding, so the reduction rate of primary transmission is 94% Compact structure and small volume due to the adoption of the planetary transmission principle, the input shaft and output shaft of the chemical mixer are on the same axis line, so that its model can obtain as small a side mixing size as possible Stable operation, low noise, large number of meshing teeth of cycloid needle teeth, large overlap coefficient and the mixing mechanism on the balance side of the vertical mixer make the vibration and noise limit the chemical mixer to a minimum. During the operation of chemical agitators, there are many mixing teeth on the contact side at the same time, with large coincidence, stable operation, strong overload capacity, low vibration and noise, and low noise of side mixing models of various specifications It needs to be integrated and reorganized, with reliable use and long service life, because the main parts are made of bearing steel

we will strictly abide by our consistent quality commitment and service commitment, and take creating excess value for customers as our * * * honor! With high-quality products and services, we will become your trusted partner. Zibo Yousheng Chemical Equipment Co., Ltd. welcomes friends from all walks of life to visit and guide

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