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Tai'an Wuyue company refines the product power semi-trailer market

Tai'an Wuyue company refines the product power semi-trailer market

2015. It is hoped that relevant enterprises can take advantage of this new material exhibition - China Construction machinery information

facing the current severe market situation of special-purpose vehicles, Tai'an Wuyue company adjusted the sales structure with cameras, and decided to find a way and find a way to further refine the products and market, Implement professional product sales

according to the actual situation of product characteristics and market differences, the company has established Trailer group 1 (ports, steel mills), trailer group 2 (e-commerce logistics, professional logistics), construction industrialization semi-trailer product group, etc. Through market research, full communication and close cooperation with dealers, each semi-trailer team has concentrated on the development of semi-trailer regional markets in Guangdong, Liaoning, Zhejiang, Shanghai, Shenzhen, etc; It has established a key supplier relationship with Angang Steel for transportation vehicles, successively developed a series of products and announcements, and achieved the precedent of synchronous production of sample vehicles, announcement reporting and sales; The production of the building component transport vehicle has been completed, and the announcement has been approved. After several months of hard work, the trailer sales work of the raw material trading and distribution platform

has achieved initial results. So far, 73 container transport semi trailers have been achieved in Shenzhen market, 488 full trailer orders have been obtained in Jiangxi, 5 scrap tank semi trailers have been sold in Anshan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd., 3 parts transport vehicles have been obtained in Jinan, and the signing of cooperation agreement and sample vehicle sales will be completed in Guangdong and Jinzhou

after screwing the six square screws for the first half of the year, the company will work hard on brand creation and quality improvement, further improve the article on the marketing concept of "user first and win-win cooperation", further consolidate the semi-trailer market, further expand sales, and constantly build a new pattern of special vehicle marketing, so as to ensure that the company always maintains a benign development momentum and vitality

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