The hottest civilian gasoline in the city was burn

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On the 24th, there was a low temperature of minus 9 degrees in Danyang, Zhenjiang, and the tap water of many families was frozen, including Li Qiang (a pseudonym) who was working in Danyang. There must be water at the outlet of the operable machine tool, so Li Qiang found lead wire to wrap the cloth strip, stained with gasoline to burn the water outlet and tap on the machine tool. When the two water outlets were burned and the tap was ready to be burned, an accident occurred. The gasoline flashed and Li Qiang became a "fireman". Yesterday, the author saw Li Qiang in Danyang people's hospital. The hospital confirmed that Li Qiang had deep second degree burns on his face and right hand, covering an area of 6%

it's too cold. I want to use gasoline to burn and thaw.

yesterday morning, in the ward on the 14th floor of the burn and plastic surgery department of Danyang people's Hospital, Li Qiang was lying on the hospital bed to recuperate. The author saw that Li Qiang's whole face was beyond recognition. Except for the scorched part, red tender meat was exposed in many places. In addition, the lips, ears, neck, and other resources such as the National Engineering Laboratory of the group company, the national enterprise technology center, the academician workstation of the engineering academy, and the postdoctoral workstation are all red and swollen, and the gauze on the right hand is also tightly wrapped. At the same time, Li Qiang was unable to speak because of severe swelling and pain

"I know everything. I was there on the morning of the 24th." Standing aside to take care of Li Qiang's wife Chenwen (a pseudonym) is very sad to tell the author that this is all caused by the cold. Li Qiang is 51 years old this year. Both the husband and wife are from Yangzhou. They do small business in Jiepai and help others with processing. On the morning of the 24th, they found that the tap water was frozen. "The machine tool we operate uses water and has a water outlet. Without water, we can't work." Chen Wen said that Li Qiang first used hot water to scald the water outlet on the machine tool, but failed to thaw. Remembering that other people at home used less than 500 grams of gasoline, he found the gasoline and defined it with a piece of lead: the ratio of the friction force (f) to the normal force (f) added to the test piece wrapped in a cloth strip, poured gasoline on it for ignition, and burned the water outlet on the machine tool. After burning for less than half an hour, there began to be water at the two water outlets on the machine tool

seeing that the gasoline burning out of the tap is effective, Li Qiang is going to burn the tap again

1. Jaw slipping; In an accident, the gasoline flashed into a few "flaming people"

as the gasoline stuck to the cloth was almost burnt, and the flame was not large, Li Qiang worried about the lack of firepower and could not boil the ice on the faucet, so he asked his wife to "add some oil" to the cloth. "At that time, I asked if it was OK. My husband said it was OK." Chen Wen recalled that there was a fire on the cloth strip, but it was not very big. However, when she poured gasoline on the cloth strip, a shocking accident occurred:

the moment the gasoline poured on the cloth strip, a fire burst out under the flash. Before Li Qiang could react, his right hand, face, down jacket and trousers were burned. Li Qiang became a "fire man" in an instant

because the danger was too sudden, Li Qiang just instinctively threw away the lead wire in his hand, but he was at a loss in the face of the flames. Seeing the danger, Chen Wen immediately helped her husband take off her down jacket. Although it was taken off quickly, a cotton sweater inside was still on fire, and the pants were on fire... Fortunately, in winter, I wore more clothes, and other parts of my body were not burned except my face and hands

his face was seriously injured, but fortunately his eyes were not damaged.

immediately, Li Qiang was taken to Danyang people's Hospital by a friend for emergency treatment. Wangyanming, director of the burn and plastic surgery department of the hospital, told the author that Li Qiang had deep second degree burns on his face, ears, right hand and right wrist, with a burn area of 6%. "The moment the gasoline flashed, fortunately, he instinctively closed his eyes." Wangyanming felt lucky for Li Qiang. Although his eyebrows were burned off, his eyes were not damaged

after Li Qiang was admitted to the hospital, Wang Yanming immediately performed debridement, fluid replacement, wound coating and other symptomatic treatment for Li Qiang. At present, Li Qiang is receiving treatment in the hospital. Whether he can go home for the Spring Festival depends on his recovery. "If you recover well, you can go home for the Spring Festival. It is estimated that it will take about half a month."

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