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Clariant launched liquid color masterbatch and liquid functional additives

Clariant, the world's leading manufacturer of specialized 45N chemicals, recently launched hiformer brand liquid color masterbatch and liquid functional additives

hiformer is a global innovative brand integrating liquid color and functional additives, metering operating system and expert services. High concentration plays an important role in the process of building the most popular and cheap energy interconnection, such as chlorinated fatty acids. Liquid color masterbatch has the characteristics of low consumption and bright colors, especially suitable for translucent and transparent polymers. At the same time, the color change operation of liquid color masterbatch is fast and simple, which can greatly reduce the downtime caused by color change, so as to improve the output. In addition to the successful application of what we call "material hybridization" in the PET bottle blank manufacturing industry, Clariant now extends the carrier system of liquid masterbatch, pigment dye and additive chemical balance advantages to durable consumer goods and other industries

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