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Once again, the plan of "reducing 10 billion cartons in three years" can be realized

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core tip: JD Qingliu box has been around for almost two years, and seems to have little sense of existence. JD users rarely see such a box with great publicity. Jingdong Logistics started to promote in 7 cities, namely Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Wuhan, Shenyang, Chengdu and Xi'an

<3-star always adheres to the "big plastic that will remain unchanged for ten thousand years" p> [China Packaging News] in 2017, JD officially released the "Qingliu plan" and announced the launch of a new express box called "Qingliu box". Different from the traditional corrugated boxes, the green flow box will be recycled after delivery, and can be recycled for up to 20 times. If the box is damaged, it can also be completely "reworked". The tape used on the green flow box is also degradable, which is more environmentally friendly

when JD logistics released this bull like recycling box, it claimed that it would reduce the consumption of 10billion cartons in three years. For a while, the whole carton industry felt cool. However, over the past two years, it seems that the cowhide blown by JD has not been realized. This cyan plastic box has no sense of existence, and JD users rarely see this kind of box

however, the Qingliu program has not been aborted. On March 30, officially announced that it would begin to promote Qingliu boxes in seven cities: Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Wuhan, Shenyang, Chengdu and Xi'an. When purchasing some products, you can choose to use Qingliu boxes for distribution in the order. After distribution, the express brother will take back the Qingliu boxes for reuse

people in the logistics industry are not very optimistic about circulation boxes such as "green flow boxes". First of all, this kind of box needs to be recycled and disinfected with an existing building area of more than 50 billion square meters after recycling, and the recycling cost is not low. If the disinfection is not complete, food pollution may be caused, which may lead to the collapse of the whole circulating tank supply chain

secondly, the green flow box can not withstand the devastation of violent sorting. It is estimated that it will be damaged if it is not used for several times, and the final comprehensive cost may be higher

again, although it is good to use the green flow box on the e-commerce platform with strict management, it obviously cannot be integrated with the third-party logistics, which greatly reduces its scope of use and increases the recovery cost. The fixed size of the green flow box also greatly limits the distribution of goods of different sizes

finally, this kind of recycling box, which is called more environmentally friendly and low-carbon, is of little significance to users, so it can not be supported by users. Phase test process: the experimental process, measurement, display, analysis, etc. are all completed by the microcomputer. When the goods are delivered to the users, they will be taken back immediately, which will greatly reduce the user experience. To tell you the truth, both couriers and consumers are too tired to live. How can we have the patience to deal with the tediousness caused by the circulation of packing cases

it is not difficult to see that there is no reason why the green flow box has not been recognized by the market. The rookies, and SF do not have much motivation. They are mostly helpless to respond to the pressure of public opinion

however, with the continuous price increase of packaging paper manufacturers, the progress of information technology and the upgrading of logistics system, it is believed that one day, such products will still have a certain vitality

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