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Clariant will establish a catalyst R & D center in China

• the new R & D center will develop catalytic technology according to the needs of the Chinese market

• the initial R & D focus will be on the application of coal chemical industry and special chemicals

as there will be a problem of fatigue in parts

• the new laboratory will improve the technical service ability for Chinese customers

mundenz, Switzerland, June 27, 2014 - Clariant, the world's leading manufacturer of special chemicals, recently announced that its catalyst business unit will establish a world-class R & D center in Shanghai, China. The R & D center is expected to be put into use in 2015, aiming to develop customized catalytic solutions for the needs of the Chinese market and strengthen technical service support for Chinese customers

the new catalyst R & D center in Shanghai will further strengthen Clariant's product technology portfolio and service strength in coal chemical applications, and provide a complete set of solutions for the market. After decades of research and development efforts, and through cooperation with process technology partners, Clariant has established a global leading technical position in the field of coal chemical catalysts. For example, the two earliest coal to propylene plants in the world adopted Clariant's methanol to propylene (mtprop) and methanol synthesis catalyst respectively. Since 2011, Clariant has been committed to better serving the central market of China by producing coal to methanol catalysts in China. At present, Clariant is also one of the main suppliers of ammonia catalyst for coal to ammonia synthesis

the Chinese R & D center will also develop new catalysts for specific hydrogenation applications based on alkali metal catalysis in the rapidly growing Chinese special chemicals industry. In addition to R & D and technical services, the center will also provide technical support for Clariant's catalyst production base in China

situ Hao, senior vice president and director of catalyst business unit of Clariant, said: "the decision to establish a catalyst R & D center before the startup of big 3 and bellows ring stiffness testing machine in Shanghai reflects our commitment to the Chinese market. We are determined to strengthen the partnership in the region and enhance the market position by providing continuously improved products and services to meet the needs of customers."

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