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Andy postlethwaite, senior vice president of BASF High Performance Materials Asia Pacific region at the 2016 China International lubricant and application technology exhibition, said: "When it comes to the degree of design freedom, the Expo

 Clariant will display more excellent and stable multi-functional lubricant emulsifier at the lubricant trade event

 Clariant will display a series of featured products such as emulsogen MTP 070, emulsogen m and emulsogen C at the exhibition

 the 17th China International lubricant and Application technology exhibition will be held in Guangzhou from September 20 to 22

Shanghai, September 6, 2016 - the world Klein, a leading manufacturer of special chemicals, will attend the 17th China International lube oil and Application Technology Exhibition (C the following information will give you a detailed understanding of China Interlubric). This exhibition will be held in the exhibition hall of Guangzhou Import and Export Commodities Fair from September 20 to 22. Clariant will display a series of multi-functional emulsifiers and other featured products specially designed for lubricating oil at the exhibition, aiming to provide more excellent and stable performance. These products include the emulsogen MTP 070, the emulsogen m, and the emulsogen C series

with the continuous development of China's automobile, machinery manufacturing, electrical appliance and other industries, the lubricant market is also growing rapidly. In the past few years, the transportation industry has been the largest market for lubricant applications in key end-user markets. It is estimated that by 2025, China will replace the United States as the world's largest automobile market. At present, China has become one of the most important lubricant producers and consumers in the world

with the rapid development of China's lubricant market, Clariant not only focuses on developing and providing a series of comprehensive multifunctional emulsifiers, but also is committed to providing professional formulation guidance. At the upcoming China International lubricant and application technology exhibition, Clariant will focus on its customized emulsifier solutions for lubricants in different industries

emulsogen MTP 070

emulsogen MTP 070 is a new non-ionic emulsifier that can also be 5:1 or 10:1 or 20:1. It is specially used to improve the performance of metal cutting and grinding fluids, rolling emulsions and water-based flame retardant hydraulic fluids. With its low foaming, strong calcium soap dispersion and excellent hard water stability, this product can provide a formula with excellent emulsifying ability and stability. In addition, emulsogen MTP 070 has sustainable properties, which can reduce the impact on the environment and is harmless to personal health

emulsogen m

emulsogen m, as an excellent non-ionic emulsifier, is suitable for mineral oil, semi synthetic cutting fluid and rolling emulsion with low freezing point. Over the years, this product has been favored by the industry lubricant formulation. Emulsogen m has a low pour point and low foaming, is easily soluble in most organic solvents, and is highly compatible with anionic components. Its excellent calcium soap dispersing force can effectively prevent the filter from clogging, and will not leave the remaining emulsion on the surface of the object

emulsogen C series

Clariant's ether carboxylic acid emulsogen C series products have good emulsion stability, can provide high electrolyte and hard water stability, and are ideal for dispersing a large amount of calcium oleate or fatty acid. The stability of emulsifier is not affected by pH value by its double dispersing properties in anionic and non-ionic. In addition, the extrusion C series also has good low foaming and corrosion resistance

leading solutions for synthetic cutting fluids

in addition to presenting products and solutions, Clariant will also attend the China International Conference on lube base oils and additives, which will be held at Langham Place in Guangzhou on September 19. Zhaixiang, senior technical engineer of lane special industrial and consumer products business unit, will deliver a speech entitled "emulsifier with multi-purpose, multi-function and excellent performance in industrial lubricating products"

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