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Clariant brought a series of personal care raw materials to the 2013 China International daily chemical products raw materials and equipment packaging exhibition (cpcde2013)

the author has been engaged in the experimental machine industry for many years. On October 28, 2013, Shanghai, China - global leader in special chemicals, Clariant will take customer demand as the guide, A series of raw materials specially designed for personal and household care products participated in the China International daily chemical products raw materials and equipment packaging exhibition (cpcde) held in Ningbo, China from November 7 to 9

Clariant's special industrial and consumer goods (ICS) business unit has become a reliable partner for personal care products manufacturers, and is proud of its safe, reliable and innovative raw materials for personal and household care products. These innovative products will be grandly displayed at cpcde2013. Based on the concept of credibility and timely handling, this time, the Clariant booth will focus on "we care about our family!" Topic for

every year, more and more new products are introduced to the personal and household care products market. In view of the lifestyle that the service temperature of fast-moving resin matrix composites is generally no more than 350 ℃, consumers have high expectations for product efficacy, environmental awareness and time efficiency. Therefore, the demand for more mature and reliable product solutions is also growing

"the business success of our customers in the home care industry fully reflects Clariant's service commitment." Guidoappl, Asia Pacific Sales and application director of Clariant personal care and home care. "We combine cutting-edge technology and innovation with excellent application design and excellent customer service. As we showed at cpde2013, our professional strength can help customers gain differentiated advantages in the raw material market." What we need to do is to first check whether the installation of the experimental machine is level. The three-day China International daily chemical products raw materials and equipment packaging exhibition will attract more than 8000 professional purchasers from all over the world, which also provides an ideal display platform for the extensive expertise of Clariant's special industrial and consumer goods (ICS) business unit. At that time, Clariant will focus on introducing genaminspa (fabric softening solution), texcaresra300f (high performance polymer), texcaredfc (color protection polymer) and jmac (silver based biological bactericide) products

product highlights:


brand new fabric softener

non-ionic surfactant, significantly improving fabric softness

suitable for most traditional liquid detergents, Achieve clear formula design effect


high performance polymer additive for washing powder products

specially used for polymer and polymer blended fabric detergent

improve the water absorption capacity of synthetic fiber clothing (or fabric), improve the wearing comfort

prevent the fabric from breaking and fading due to frequent washing

make the fabric less prone to stains

improve oil Cleanability of stains


polymer color protection additive for laundry detergent

improves color protection performance and keeps clothes bright

especially suitable for color Deep dyed fabric detergent


high efficient and durable multifunctional antibacterial agent based on silver technology

jmaccompositepg (applicable to water-based and non-water-based applications)

jmaclp (applicable to coatings, paper and paperboard, and textile applications)

the world's only hard surface cleaner with silver technology

can kill 99.9% of surface bacteria

the bacteriostatic effect can be maintained for several days

at the three-day cpcde event, Clariant will display the above innovative products and diversified leading personal and home care product solutions to professional audiences at booth a03-b in hall 4

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