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Clariant will launch multifunctional raw materials and special formulas for men's care products at PCHi 2011. On January 21, 2011, Shanghai, China - at present, the men's cosmetics market is developing rapidly because of its high value-added products. The emerging men's hair care and skin care products have a broad market prospect, and the number and variety of products are increasing. The uniqueness of men's cosmetics in terms of convenient use, rapid absorption and diverse functions requires that they adopt different formulas from women's cosmetics

with the theme of "Clariant formula, showing meticulous care for men", Clariant, the world's leading special chemical company, will display its multi-functional raw materials and special formulas for men's care products at the 2011 International Cosmetics, personal and in-depth combination of production, study, research and application raw materials exhibition (PCHi). The exhibition will be held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center from February 22 to 24

at this exhibition, Clariant will focus on the following raw materials:

hostapon SG (raw material name: sodium cocooylglycine) serial number test item technical requirements - mild surfactants with a source level of 0.5/1000 for amino acids and coconut based fatty acid derivatives. Compared with acyl glutamate and acyl sarcosine, it has better thickening property. Hostapon SG can improve the washability of the final product; Better foam properties can be obtained by combining with fatty acids. Due to its excellent performance, hostapon SG can be widely used in facial cleansers, mild shampoos and shower gels. Hostapon SG belongs to Clariant ecotain product series and is an ideal raw material for products without EO and sulfate

velsan SC (raw material name: sorbitan octanoate) - a multifunctional preservative synergist, which can improve the performance of preservatives through synergism. The effect of velsan SC can be comparable with that of benzyl alcohol and phenoxyethanol, which show the infinite possibility of artificial intelligence in various industries in the future... Active agents. Because of its synergistic effect, it can reduce the dosage of aromatic alcohol in the finished formula. Velsan SC has been certified by Ecocert (France international ecological Certification Center). It is completely produced from renewable natural raw materials and has good biodegradability. Since it is not listed in the preservative list, it can be used in combination with other active substances not listed in the list and applied to various systems that claim to be "preservative free". In addition, velsan SC can also be used as a water solvent, emulsifier and viscosity enhancer in products such as lotion, cream, shampoo, shower gel and facial cleanser

in addition to introducing a wide range of products in this exhibition, Clariant will also hold two professional lectures on men's care products and new anti-corrosion synergist velsan SC during the exhibition

from February 22 to 24, 2011, PCHi 2011 will be held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. At that time, Clariant will look forward to your visit at booth l20

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