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The decoration cost of tens of thousands of yuan can't be calculated carefully. When decorating, people always think that they can do more with less money, and achieve better decoration effect with lower cost. In fact, as long as the concept is appropriate and the mind is skillful, the decoration can not only save money, but also will never be without grade, and can fully reflect the taste and personality of the owner

◆ professional companies optimize design

careful planning and reasonable design are the first way to spend small money on major events in decoration. Major expenses in decoration, such as labor contract fee, floor, kitchen and bathroom, and furniture, should be estimated in advance according to their own economic ability. What are the key points of decoration and how to arrange it? Whether it's your own arrangement or asking a professional company to design it, it's important for consumers to have a clear idea of it, so that waste can be minimized

in addition, try to do less superficial work. For example, some pure decorative materials often make people spend thousands of yuan more unconsciously. For example, the solid wood lines used in the door cover will exceed 300 yuan, the waist line and tiles in the bathroom may cost more than 1000 yuan, while the ordinary tiles with the same area can only cost one, two hundred yuan or even dozens of yuan at most. For ceramic tiles of the same brand, the old designs and colors may be only half the price of new products, but the quality of the two is not much different. Some precious solid wood floors may not be as durable as ordinary wood floors. Obviously, less superficial work can save a lot of money

natural materials can be used as much as possible. If the indoor light is insufficient, you can enhance the transparency between rooms and borrow light from each other. The doors and partition walls of each room can be decorated with craft glass, and the facade of furniture should also be installed with glass, so that the sun can penetrate and enhance the depth of space. Do not install too many spotlights, because it is not only easy to cause safety hazards, but also a great waste

◆ master the initiative of self purchasing main materials

since the quotation of the decoration company is almost fixed, if consumers want to spend less money on decoration, the key is to choose the way of the decoration company contracting projects and purchasing main materials by themselves. Although self purchase of main materials is troublesome, the advantage is that consumers can take the initiative and control the price

when purchasing main materials by themselves, consumers should purchase according to the actual consumption of the project with the advice of the designer, communicate more with the designer and the material supplier, and adjust according to their own cost budget. We should pay special attention to the purchase of building materials in the market, and be careful to buy fake and inferior products for the sake of cheapness. It's best to go to the home supermarket for purchase. The advantage is that the price is transparent and the quality is guaranteed, but some products have incomplete styles and colors. As the procurement of auxiliary materials is highly professional and sporadic, it is unrealistic for owners to purchase by themselves, but most of the auxiliary materials are hidden materials, which are most prone to Jerry built links

due to factors such as seasonal price difference and seasonal rewards, the price gap of some building materials will be very wide, and consumers can purchase first when the price is low. Although it takes up short-term funds, it is a good way to save money from the perspective of home decoration. So many consumers always buy fresh floors when they are in use. However, it is only good for the floor to be kept in room temperature and air for a period of time after it is opened. If you buy floors with good materials and low prices in the off-season, the price can be about 20% lower than that in the peak season

◆ strictly control the construction process

saving money is never cheap, especially in the construction process. Many families save money everywhere in decoration, especially in some seemingly inconspicuous projects, such as the transformation of wires and water pipes, and the installation of power plugs. As everyone knows, this is a major mistake. If the quality of these key details is not up to standard, it will bring great potential safety hazards to future life

in addition, it is better not to let the decoration team do some furniture and kitchen cabinets. Now there are more and more furniture markets, because the competition is fierce, the price is also very cheap, and there is a lot of room for selection. If consumers buy materials from woodworkers, including plates, decorative panels, and paint, it is not cheaper than buying, and the style is not necessarily beautiful, and the construction period is also relatively increased




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