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We all know that the basin is a kind of sanitary ware, and its development trend is water-saving, green, decorative, clean and sanitary. The platform basin is divided into two types: the platform basin and the platform basin. This is not the difference of the basin itself, but the difference in installation

when decorating the bathroom, the toilet basin is our most concerned point. The toilet basin should conform to our own style and be suitable for our own figure, so we need to pay attention to choosing the toilet basin. There are many styles of stage basins in the market. How can I choose a basin that is most suitable for me? Next, Xiaobian will teach you how to choose a basin

purchasing skills

first, a variety of materials

ceramic basins because ceramic floor tiles are widely used in bathroom, matching ceramic basins are most widely used. Generally speaking, basins below 500 yuan are made of ceramics. This kind of basin is relatively economical and durable, but the color and shape change little, basically white, and the shape is mainly oval and semicircular

1. Glass basin first appeared in the name of fashion design, and now it has been widely used, and derived from transparent glass, frosted glass, printed glass basin, etc. generally equipped with stainless steel brackets, it can show the owner's taste

2. The stainless steel basin and other steel accessories in the bathroom set off the unique modern texture of the industrial society. It is a little cold, but its personality is very distinctive

3. The marble basin is made of marble, with a simple and lively shape. It is equipped with a simple thick wood bracket, which is very stylish

the basins with 1000 to 5000 yuan in the market are medium and high-end products. The products at this price are rich in material and style, so you can see that the basins made of a variety of materials other than ceramics, tempered glass, stainless steel, natural stone, etc., have different styles and exquisite workmanship. For example, in the Home Furnishing Exhibition last year, a basin carved from a whole piece of black natural marble, with a luxurious appearance and several black metal seats, looks like a delicate artwork under the refraction of light. Of course, the price is not cheap, as high as more than 30000 yuan

II. Colorful colors

1 In terms of color, the traditional white and beige are no longer the protagonists. The trend of home personalization has driven the personalization of bathroom. As for the basin, color has first become the declaration of individuality. The colorful colors such as light green, sea blue, bright yellow and pink have become the palette of modern home, expressing the feelings of the owner, and people can feel vitality and

2 at first sight In addition to the change of pure color, the infiltration of cultural flavor also makes the white or ivory traditional ceramic pots show a noble and elegant temperament. For example, depicting flowers, birds, insects and fish in various forms on the white tone adds a little interest, and there are more antique Tang and Song poems, which make the bathroom no longer monotonous

3. The change of material color also brings color changes. For example, cloisonne basin has obvious color signs and classical meanings. However, due to its high price, it is generally used in star rated hotels, and glazed glass basin, which has a plump color close to glass, and the sense of mutual infiltration is quite noble. It is the first choice for children's bathroom and design studio

III. irregular specifications

at the international home design exhibition, in addition to being colorful, the basin appeared in irregular geometric forms, including not only round semicircles and serious squares, but also angular triangles, five pointed stars, and even petal shapes, which made the viewer feel a lot of interest; The popularization of double pots and even three pots also makes the most effective use of home space and adapts to the fast-paced modern life

in the eyes of top designers, the feeling of the basin and the lake are connected together. Such a basin is complete and flawless without overflow holes. The faucet and the basin are perfectly combined. The irregular shape that seems to be kneaded unintentionally seems to be a pool of natural lake water. You are used to seeing the ordinary faucet with flowing water. At a glance, you can't help but want to stretch out your hand, as if there is a source of fresh water. Of course, this is a luxury

IV. integrated table basin

the traditional table basin is usually connected with the table surface with silica gel, which is easy to accumulate dirt, and there will be black edges after long use. However, the integrated table basin has a strong sense of overall shape, is convenient for cleaning and maintenance, can use space reasonably and flexibly, and can also be installed on the wall or used with the bathroom cabinet at will. Therefore, the integrated table basin is being favored by more and more people. The shape also affects the personality performance of the integrated basin due to the diversification of the basin, and the designer's eyes have also shifted to the table. The appearance of more oval, trapezoidal and other geometric table tops has broken the situation that rectangles dominate the world, and the rich colors make the integrated basin have more fashion fans

the square basin presents a smooth arc transition between the basin edge and the basin bottom. The lines are light, simple and elegant. Lightness and power have reached a harmonious unity, and the basin seems to be able to fly from a calm table to a butterfly

v. basin thickness

the wall thickness of glass basins on the market now includes 19mm, 15mm and 12mm. Experts suggest that if economic conditions permit, it is best to choose products with a wall thickness of 19mm, because it can withstand a relatively high temperature of 80 ℃, and has good impact and damage resistance

VI. water absorption

water absorption is an important indicator of ceramic basins. Generally speaking, ceramic products have certain adsorption and permeability to water, and the lower the water absorption, the better. Because after water is sucked into the ceramics, the ceramics will expand to a certain extent, which is easy to crack the glaze of the ceramic surface due to inflation, and it is easy to suck the dirt and odor in the water into the ceramics, which will produce an indelible odor over time. The state stipulates that sanitary ceramics with water absorption less than 3% are high-grade ceramics

that's all for the selection of basins. I hope it will be helpful to you. If you want to know more about it, you can pay attention to the information

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