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Amazing dark curtain of deep raking &mdash& mdash; Things to pay attention to when buying curtains, Gao Mo usually decorates. Buying curtains is a simple thing, nothing more than choosing colors and styles. However, some unscrupulous businesses

no.1 understanding curtains

there is a misunderstanding in many children's shoes when buying curtains, that is, buying curtains is just buying curtain cloth. In fact, curtains include: curtain cloth (including yarn), lace, plumb bob, cloth belt, hook, rail

track, Roman pole, rail pulley, tie ball (TIE), decorations, shading cloth, roller blind, vertical curtain, etc. Except curtain cloth, shading cloth, rolling curtain, vertical curtain and window curtain, the rest are all called

“ Attachment &rdquo

[Xiao Qi said something] after taking you to know the components of curtains, Xiao Qi will share with you a little story that happened when netizens bought curtains

a netizen wanted to make a cloth curtain for his new home. The deposit and the final payment were paid to the merchant before the curtain was installed (this buddy was sincere), and then the most depressing thing happened. The curtain cloth was 35 yuan a

meter, a total of 15 meters. Plus the track and other accessories, the merchant quoted 910 yuan, and the netizen bargained to 860 yuan. But after the curtain was installed, the actual length of the curtain was measured to be 9 meters, and after calling the merchant for questioning, The reply given by the merchant was 15 square meters according to the area. The netizen went back to measure the area of the curtain and found that it was still not enough 15 square meters. This time, he went to the curtain store to inquire in person, and the reply

was even more wonderful. The merchant said that the fabric he chose was calculated by multiplying the actual length of the window by the height of the curtain. The netizen argued with the merchant. Finally, the merchant returned the netizen

100 yuan in order to calm down. But in the end, the curtain that could have been done with more than 500 yuan, the netizen innocently spent 200 yuan more, because he didn't know much about the small details when buying curtains. It's really hard for you to open it

no.2 curtain components and detailed prices

we know that curtains are more than curtain cloth. We also share the little story of netizens' wonderful work when buying curtains. Xiao Qi will talk with you about the price of each part of the curtain, so that you can know exactly when you buy them

curtain cloth: the fixed height is 2.8 meters and 2 meters, about 20~25 yuan/meter, and rarely more than 30 yuan. The price difference between window screen and curtain cloth is not much

Lace: (four sides of the curtain) the purchase price is about 0.5/meter. Sales price: 5-15 yuan/meter

cloth belt: sewn on the upper end of the curtain to hang hooks. Purchase price: 0.8 yuan/meter, sales price: 5-15 yuan/meter

hook: for hanging curtains. 15 yuan a big bag, usually free

track: installed on the top of the wall. The purchase price is 4-15 yuan/meter. Sales price: 15~88 yuan/meter. Track pulley: supplied by the supplier along with the track. Some curtain merchants will also calculate money

Roman pole: installed on the side of the wall, the purchase price is similar to the track, but the sales price is generally better than the track

tie ball (TIE): used to tie the curtain when the curtain is folded. Purchase price: 3-8 yuan/pair. Sales price: 10-20 yuan/pair

shading cloth: a plastic like cloth coated with opaque pigments. Purchase price: 10 yuan/meter. Sales price: 15-25 yuan/meter

roller shutter: plastic curtain with scenery or fish, flowers and figures, which is generally used in toilets and kitchens. Purchase price: according to the size of the window, generally 30-40 yuan/piece. Sales price: 60~120 yuan/piece

[Xiaoqi tips] here Xiaoqi wants to remind you that the accessories of the roller shutter are provided by the manufacturer

vertical curtain: it is the kind of grid curtain with long flakes, which is generally used for large windows. Dozens of yuan, very cheap

window curtain: the banner at the upper end of the curtain plays a decorative role. Because the window curtain is very narrow and can be spliced, it is generally used to make curtains for other customers, and the cost is almost zero. Sales price

grid: 100~200 yuan/window

no.3 crack the trick of cheating

store name: Although a good store name has nothing to do with the quality of curtains, it will also make you can't help but walk in and have a look

fabric texture: grasp it with your hand. You feel that the thickness is OK, the sag is good, and the design and color are satisfactory. Don't listen to the salesperson's deception

origin of cloth: the boss will tell you that his curtains are from XX, XX, but most of them are made in Zhejiang

attachment: remember the price of the attachment! You can clearly tell the salesperson that you have been to the wholesale market and know the wholesale price. She must be silly and will sophisticate them ” Good goods &ldquo& rdquo; It's a brand “, Others are ” Miscellaneous “, Quality cannot be guaranteed. You can tell her directly that this is not a high-tech product

no.4 money saving killer

if you are a local tyrant, the small curtain shop in front of your house is disdainful to enter. However, their purchase channel is the same as that of the fabric mall, except that the store is small and not displayed. The same cloth looks not as beautiful as the fabric mall. The effect is exactly the same. The difference is that you may have to help the boss pay thousands of yuan more for rent, advertising fees, air conditioning fees, management fees and so on. Or

you or your friends will step on the sewing machine. You might as well make your own curtains, which will save money and have fun

now that you know all the secrets of the curtain, let's hang the beautiful curtain at home with the least money. See you next time

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