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Foshan, a famous historical and cultural city Kangying doors and windows is a company specializing in the research, development, production and sales of silent aluminum alloy doors and windows, sliding doors, side hung doors, lattice doors, folding doors, aluminum alloy windows, bridge broken aluminum doors and windows, sunshine room and a series of silent door and window products. It is China's first silent door and window brand. In the global door and window market competition, Kangying doors and windows beat the market with the concept and technology of silence. Continuously develop quality products. Since the launch of BMW gold in 2015, Kangying has been favored by consumers. At the beginning of 2016, Kangying launched five series of door and window products, including Jiade, Earl, viscount, Baron and knight. The new colors include: magnesium fluoride, skin Maple birch, skin teak, BMW gold, BMW grey, gold oak, red acid twig and fluorocarbon gold. The company's products have been launched continuously and have been highly praised by customers

experience "quiet" living space

society is developing, people's living standards are constantly improving, and they require higher quality of home life. People consider more and more factors when choosing doors and windows. When choosing doors and windows, they not only consider its performance and quality, but also consider brand and service. Home doors and windows are customized. Kangying is the first choice to make home life more quiet and comfortable. Kangying doors and windows always aims to improve people's "quiet" life quality, perfectly integrate beauty and quiet life, show exquisite and flawless quality, create a delicate and quiet living space, customize a private living space for home, and let you enjoy a beautiful life quietly

"win" wealth and "win" the world

Kangying doors and windows is a pragmatic and innovative enterprise full of vitality and positive progress. Every employee has received professional training, paid attention to every detail with professional technology, and carefully made every aluminum alloy door and window. Kangying doors and windows is a good choice to create wealth and a good tower on your way to success. Kangying and you work together for a win-win situation




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