Maintenance method of solid wood floor

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Generally, the floor material is good. After a long time of use, the floor itself does not shrink or deform, and the paint on the floor surface has been dim and scratched more, which has lost its due luster and beauty

bright maintenance of the floor

because we often use water to wipe the floor, the floor is gray and not bright after wiping, and if we wipe it for a long time, it will seriously affect the original paint surface of the floor. So water is not good for the floor. You should try not to wipe the floor with water at ordinary times. Only use the electrostatic mop dedicated to the floor to dry wipe. If there are stains that are difficult to wipe, only use a wet cloth to wipe them

how to keep the floor bright for a long time and restore the luster of the tarnished floor

it is enough to oil the floor regularly (usually once a month) so that the floor can remain bright for a long time. Although the floor that has been used for a period of time is gray, the original paint surface of the floor itself has not been greatly damaged. In this case, we will oil the wood floor every half a month, It depends on the situation. Generally, the floor can be restored to its original brightness after maintenance once a month after two times. For the floor paint surface that is seriously worn and cannot be restored to its original brightness, we will do ultra bright or coloring treatment for the floor. For the floor paint surface that is seriously worn and has damaged the floor itself, we will consider grinding off 0.5mm of the floor surface and re painting and waxing the floor

solid wood floors have high requirements for pavement. Once the pavement is not good, it will cause a series of problems, such as noise. If the indoor environment is too wet or dry, the solid wood floor is easy to arch, warp or deform. After paving, you should often wax and oil, otherwise the gloss of the floor surface will soon disappear. There will be many inconveniences in the use of general families, so now many families who like solid wood flooring begin to consider some substitutes when decorating, such as wood living wood, a high-quality product that is almost the same as solid wood flooring in terms of visual texture

prevent and restore the dryness of the floor

because the weather in the south is too wet, the water damage and natural resin contained in the floor itself are gradually lost After a long time, it will greatly affect the service life of the floor. In this case, we should regularly add moisture and natural resin to the floor to prevent and restore the dryness of the floor and the enlargement of the joints. Using natural wood oil essence or strong moisturizing treatment can not only restore the original beauty, but also increase the service life

moisture proof, mold proof and deformation proof

when installing the floor, you must choose the weather (sunny weather, sunny days after installation for about 7 days, no rain) the right place (don't install the floor before the ground is dry) and people (be sure to find professional workers to install the floor for you) and put professional moisture-proof products under the floor to prevent the floor from getting damp

prevention and treatment of small cracks

regular and timely oiling and waxing of the floor can effectively prevent and treat dry and fine cracks on the floor

to prevent and recover the scratch of the floor, we should finally install the wooden floor during decoration, so that the floor will not be scratched due to improper construction. After installation, before entering the furniture, we should first coat the floor with floor wax or oil, and form a protective film on the floor to prevent scratches. If the floor has been scratched, it can be slightly leveled with wax. If it is deep, it can be fixed-point repaired to ensure the use and beauty of the floor

prevent the floor from warping

because the floor is made of wood, it has the absorptivity of the tree itself. If the humidity around the floor is too high, the floor will expand and deform because of too much moisture. In particular, the solid wood floor has a keel under it, and the keel is white wood, so it is easier to deform without the process of making the floor. The floor deforms and expands, and when you walk on it, you will make a squeak. Therefore, we should have the right time, place and people when installing, and moisture-proof products should be placed under the floor. Wood oil essence should be regularly applied on the floor surface to supplement water and natural resin, and prevent excess water from penetrating at the same time


due to long-term improper cleaning, we live in heavily polluted cities, and the floor is extremely suitable for the environment in which bacteria live, so the floor surface

should be cleaned and sterilized in time to ensure the health of our families

anti slip treatment

we all encounter the phenomenon of wrestling due to the smooth surface of the floor, especially in families with elderly people. We should make anti slip treatment for the floor to ensure the personal safety of our families

floor repair

the floor will be damaged, scratched and stripped due to personnel walking, furniture moving and falling of appliances during use

1. When repairing scratches on the floor, clean the dust and stains in the scratch first

2. Stick adhesive tape on both sides of the scratch to be repaired to prevent the repair agent from sticking to the floor surface outside the scratch

3. Call out the same color and complementary color as the original board color

4. After color filling, repair the floor with professional floor repair fluid

5. Paint the floor after the floor repair agent is dry (Note: it should be 0.1mm higher than the original floor surface)

6. After the paint is dry, level the floor with a special knife and restore it to the same as the original floor

7. Oil and wax the floor

floor renovation

generally, the floor material is good. After a long time of use, the floor itself does not shrink or deform, and the paint on the floor surface has been dim and scratched more, which has lost its due luster and beauty

in this case, the floor itself has good material and high cost. If it is a pity to replace it, people usually choose to renovate it

1. Polish about 0.5mm on the floor surface with a professional floor refurbishing machine, grind off the original old paint surface, and polish the corner with a small angle grinder

2. Use putty powder to smooth and add seams to the floor

3. After the putty is dry, polish it with fine sandpaper (the floor can be colored according to the customer's requirements)

4. Then paint the floor with gloss paint or elegant gloss paint according to the customer's requirements

5. Oil and wax the floor after the paint is dry

6. Small areas of warping and deformation are small. Focus on maintenance according to the situation

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