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On August 15, 2016, federal Gordon was honored as "China's top ten wardrobe brands" in the 2016 China top ten wardrobe brands (full house customization)

as of 17:00 on August 18, the Chinese Olympic delegation won a total of XX medals at the 2016 Rio Olympics in Brazil

in the world's highest level of comprehensive sports competition, the Olympic Games, every country or region has made every effort to fully demonstrate its competitive sports level. The tenacity and great ability of each team member are admired by our melon eaters who are concerned about the Olympics

on August 15, 2016, federal Gordon was honored to be selected in the 2016 China's top ten wardrobe brands (full house customization category), and also won a golden medal

in the comprehensive competition of the top ten brands in the wardrobe industry, every enterprise strives to show its own advantages, which makes us appreciate this era of "talents from generations", and strength is the capital of our survival

on the Olympic field, athletes try their best and work hard

in the wardrobe Market, industry benchmarks strive to get ahead and move forward bravely

this is not only a battle of honor, trying to be on the list only to prove yourself and never be discouraged

this is still a battle of strength. The glory is only to prove your efforts and repay your sweat

federal Gordon has been working hard and conscientiously for 12 years, insisting on original design, original production and original delivery

every product has been subjected to rigorous testing layer by layer, proving its strength with quality; Each set of design will be carefully built, and innovation will prove its ability

in 2016, the new products launched by federal Gordon were amazing both in appearance and function

[Raphael series]

Mediterranean style

[New Chinese series]

time grapefruit + pearl Lin

[macarone series]

zero formaldehyde green board is our commitment to the health of consumers,

solid and reliable is our commitment to the quality of consumers,

durable products is the best proof

the invisible scale between heaven and earth is fair to everyone and every enterprise. Only efforts can be rewarded, whether it is a real medal, or an invisible reputation and trust

only by encouraging ourselves to work harder and do better, can we be worthy of the honor of "China's top ten wardrobe brands"




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