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Honeywell's urban technology company released 6 new emission level gas sensors

Honeywell's urban technology company recently released 6 new emission level gas sensors. City technology company is the world's leading manufacturer of industrial safety and emission gas sensors. The new products released this time include two new products of 5 Series: long-term oxygen sensor 5oxll and carbon monoxide sensor a5f +

Honeywell's city technology company recently released six new emission grade gas sensors. CityC is the world's leading manufacturer of industrial safety and emission gas sensors. The new products released this time are divided into domestic configuration and imported configuration, including two 5 series new products: long-term oxygen sensor 5oxll and carbon monoxide sensor a5f +, which meet the en standard and are widely favored by high-end flue gas analyzer manufacturers; It also includes four 4 series new products: long-term oxygen sensor 4oxll, oxygen sensor 4oxv, carbon monoxide sensor 4f and 4mf. This series is suitable for analytical instruments compatible with EN standards

the gas sensing technology of combustion efficiency analyzer for domestic and commercial boilers has always been a challenging industry problem. The sensors installed in such instruments need to work in the environment of high temperature, high humidity, corrosive and acidic gas, which often leads to sensor failure and affects the accuracy of measurement. Over time, the performance and stability of the sensor will be reduced, and the frequency of maintenance and calibration will be increased. Therefore, the sensors of such instruments must be designed according to high specifications and made of materials that can withstand these environmental conditions, while meeting the needs of customers for low operating costs. In other words, when selecting such instruments, we should not only consider the specifications of the instruments, but also understand that a good instrument must be based on a good sensor

the new long-term oxygen sensor 5oxll meets the RoHS lead-free standard and can operate normally during the life of the analyzer, just like the balance weighing room. Compared with traditional sensors, the stability of this sensor is greatly improved. It can reduce the instrument holding cost of end customers and the service cost of instrument manufacturers while reducing field failures. The super long service life of 5oxll is due to its "electrochemical oxygen pump" technology. Since the consumable lead is no longer used as the electrode, the service life of the sensor is greatly extended

the maximum range of the new generation carbon monoxide sensor a5f+ can reach 20000ppm, making it an ideal choice for high range applications. Traditional high-range applications often require that only 70% of similar foreign products be equipped with a second sensor to meet the requirements of the en standard. If a5f+ is used, there is no need to use the second sensor. The robustness advantage of a5f+ is realized through hydrogen compensation. In addition, its powerful filter membrane can filter acid gas, helping to improve the stability of the sensor and prolong the service life of the sensor (up to 5 years)

the 4 series sensors launched this time include 2 oxygen sensors 4oxv and 4oxll and 2 carbon monoxide sensors 4f and 4mf. The service life of 4oxv is 2 years. 4oxll is a long-term oxygen sensor for analytical instruments, and its service life is equivalent to that of analytical instruments. 4f and 4mf are respectively used for low range carbon monoxide detection (, 000ppm) and high range carbon monoxide detection (, 000ppm). In addition, 4f and 4mf sensors have built-in strong acid gas filter membrane, which can ensure the service life of the sensor in harsh emission environment

Zheng Ti, the business manager in charge of the emission market in Asia Pacific region of urban technology company, commented: "The newly added 5 Series sensors are specially designed for high-end flue gas analyzers, and the 4 series are specially designed for the combustion efficiency sub electronic universal experimental machine for installation service applications. The new products adopt advanced structural design, use anti poisoning materials, high active electrodes and powerful filter membranes, and have the characteristics of good repeatability, stability and accuracy, fast response time, etc. the introduction of the new products has further consolidated our leading position in the industry market Bit. "

Mr. Tan Qing, general manager of Asia Pacific region of the company, also pointed out: "With 25 years of tireless efforts in the field of emission monitoring, we have an accurate grasp of the core market demand and the needs of today's equipment manufacturers and end users. Therefore, our products can keep up with the pulse of the market, meet the requirements of the market in terms of standard compatibility and reliability, greatly reduce the time of product maintenance and calibration, and save considerable operating costs for the enterprise."

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