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From March 27 to 29, 2015, the annual Thailand constech Thailand 2015 exhibition was held in the exhibition hall of impact Convention Center in Bangkok. With its flagship products, Shanhe intelligent has attracted a large number of customers and become a shining star in the exhibition

Shanhe intelligent hydraulic static pile driver "shining sword" Thailand Exhibition

the two new hydraulic static pile driver products zyj120b and zyj260b, which are launched by Shanhe intelligent through strict design and testing based on years of prefabricated pile construction equipment. These two star products have created a number of firsts in the industry, and are the first to adopt side piles The sharing technology of the middle pile mechanism and the multi gear fast pile pressing and fast return technology of the pile clamping box (when the return stroke of the pile pressing cylinder moves up and down with the rotation of the lead screw, but the model below 10kN is the most commonly used plastic, the return stroke speed can be doubled by using this technology without increasing the flow of the oil pump) can improve the construction efficiency by 8% (Patent No.: ZL.4). These two types of equipment have outstanding capacity, high construction efficiency, environmental protection, energy conservation, reliability and durability, and can be perfectly competent for the construction of precast pile foundation in Thailand. In addition, the two types of equipment adopt the pile measuring display system, which can record the pile pressing pressure and adjust the machine level, so that the operator can always release the technical parameters in the process of pile decompression and timely adjust the equipment to ensure the smooth progress of construction

Shanhe intelligent hydraulic static pile pressing machine "shining sword" Thailand Exhibition. The high temperature and load of the environment and the high temperature of the hydraulic system bring difficulties in the design and processing. The temperature not only reduces the operating performance of the machine, but also shortens the service life of the hydraulic system of the equipment. The unique heat dissipation system design of Shanhe intelligent equipment greatly improves the heat dissipation capacity of hydraulic oil and effectively ensures the service performance of the machine and the service life of the hydraulic system

hydraulic static pile driver is the starting product of Shanhe intelligent. In the decade of rapid development in China, Shanhe intelligent has always adhered to the independent research and development path, and steadily moved forward step by step through the pioneering and innovative research and development mode. From 60 tons to 1200 tons, Shanhe intelligent pile driver products rely entirely on independent research and development without the help of external forces. In 2014, the company accelerated the launch of new products and upgraded products, which made up for the shortage of the market and maintained the momentum of development. It is expected that in 2015, Shanhe intelligent will continue to maintain the first position in the sales of prefabricated pile construction equipment

2015, with the national macro-economy entering the new normal, Shanhe intelligence is also adjusting with the industry. The proposal of the "the Belt and Road" strategy will further promote Shanhe intelligent to continuously improve its independent innovation ability, improve its cost control ability, create a dual engine strategy for the international and domestic markets, further improve internationalization, maintain the strategic focus of the international market, constantly expand the international market, improve its anti risk ability, and strengthen the construction of the industrial chain to accelerate the adjustment to adapt to the new normal

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