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PPG's key performance coatings and industrial coatings business revenue growth

on the evening of January 14, Beijing time, PPG industries, a supplier of coatings and chemical products, reported a net profit of US $227 million, equivalent to US $1.46 per share, slightly higher than US $216 million in the same period last year, or US $1.39 per share

PPG industry pointed out that the key performance coatings and industrial coatings business had significant income growth, which was the main reason for the improvement of net profit performance. The PPG industry, whose business covers automotive, aviation equipment and other product coatings, has begun to shift its business focus from glass and chemical materials to paints and other coatings in recent years. PPG industry agreed to buy the North American architectural coatings business of Dutch chemical giant AkzoNobel at a cash price of US $875 million in December 2012, hoping to increase its risk exposure in relevant markets before the recovery of the US construction market. In order to cooperate with this transaction, PPG established a new company in July 2012 to split its chemical business, and then merged this part of the business with Georgia bay through a $2.1 billion cash share exchange transaction

Charles E. bunch, chief executive of PPG industries, pointed out in a statement on Monday that he expected various economic trends in 2013 to mean that "there is still a stable growth trend in North America, the growth prospects in Asia are also improved, and when there is a moderate climate in Europe, SCM Measurement will be extremely unstable and active." He said that PPG industry will complete the division of the chemical business by the end of January 2013

the company pointed out that in the fourth quarter, it had a net profit of US $227 million, equivalent to US $1.46 per share, compared with us $216 million, equivalent to US $1.39 per share, in the same period last year. The results of the past quarter include the acquisition of 7 cents per share and the cost related to the division and merger of bulk commodity chemical business; Excluding these items, the net profit per share in the past quarter was $1.53, and the net income was $3.65 billion, an increase of 3.7%. Market research shows that analysts generally expect the company to have a net profit of $1.53 per share in the quarter, and the revenue should be $3.59 billion

driven by the strong demand of the aviation industry, the sales growth of architectural coatings in the United States and the sales growth of automobile renovation industry, the sales volume of the performance coatings department, the largest source of revenue of the company, increased by 1.3% in the quarter. However, the lack of activity of ocean going new buildings and the low sales volume of architectural coatings in emerging markets also limited the sales revenue of this sector to a certain extent, and the revenue growth rate in that quarter was 26%

in other business segments, the sales volume of industrial coating business increased by 9.3%, and the sales revenue increased by 36%. Chinese glass researchers spent three years developing this new type of composite material


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