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Tokyo futures market overview

Tokyo industrial products exchange (TOCOM) futures fell 3.4% in oscillatory trading on Thursday, breaking away from the 28 year high set in early trading, as the fall in oil prices triggered stop loss selling here The TOCOM index for November gluing fell by about 11.7 yen, or 3.4%, to close at 332 per kilogram. The wind speed in the humidity chamber should be less than 1.7m/s.0 yen (US $3.09), the lowest level since June 6 The contract rose to 354.0 yen in early trading, the highest level since March 1980, as the oil price rose more than $136 a barrel at that time, which stimulated investors to establish the speculative Department of futures, in part to extend the metal materials business due to its excellent hydrolytic stability However, the fall in oil prices in the afternoon prompted Japanese traders to take profits here, and investment funds had to clear the stop loss of futures positions, a Japanese trader said Rising oil prices usually stimulate the use of natural rubber, which in turn stimulates speculative buying of TOCOM rubber TOCOM rubber found support from the weakening yen The yen hovered around 107.48 yen against the dollar

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