Traditional detection method of the hottest draina

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The traditional detection method of drainage pipeline

(1) observation method

determine whether the pipeline is blocked by observing the water level in the inspection wells between the same pipeline; Observe the water quality composition in the inspection well. For example, the upstream inspection well is normal rainwater and sewage, while the downstream inspection well is yellow mud water, indicating that there is fracture or collapse in the middle of the pipeline

(2) diving inspection method

the system solves the problems that the fermentation is too sticky, the extraction and molding must be carried out comprehensively on the performance of the product, and it is difficult to understand the diversified needs of the plastic film blowing machine machinery manufacturing industry. For large-diameter pipelines that can be accessed by people, it is a method to observe and judge whether the pipelines are blocked and misaligned by touching the inner wall of the pipelines by divers. The above method has certain blindness, which not only costs high, but also can not correctly and systematically evaluate the situation in the pipeline, and can not meet the requirements of modern digital municipal management

(3) mirror method

refract sunlight into the pipe through the mirror, and observe the blockage and dislocation of the pipe

(4) mud measuring bucket detection method

passed the inspection. 3. It has good electrical insulation; Measure the thickness of sludge and sand in the pipe orifice or inspection well to judge whether the pipeline drainage function is normal

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