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Overview of bottle shortage detection system

the phenomenon of lack of substances is a common phenomenon in the industrial production line system, especially in the food and beverage industry. Lack of detection methods usually include: eddy current detection, weighing detection, optical fiber detection γ X-ray fluoroscopy can be identified without heating; Etc. Eddy current testing requires the tested object to be a metal object; Weighing detection requires that the standard weight deviation of the tested object is much lower than the weight of the unit object; Optical fiber detection requires that the location of the detected object is very accurate; γ Radiographic testing has certain harmfulness, so it should not be used too much in the food and beverage industry

in recent years, with the rapid development of semiconductor devices and computer technology, the cost performance of it devices has been greatly improved, and the application of image processing technology has gradually expanded from the military field to the civil field. In particular, image processing technology is more and more used in industrial production lines. For example, the image cigarette packet appearance detection system (detection speed of 400 packets/min) and tobacco impurity remover (with camera mode and processing capacity of 6000kg/h and 12000kg/h) launched by the company in recent years have been widely used in the tobacco industry

for the lack of bottle detection in the beverage production line, the tested object is PE, which enables enterprises to compete fairly in the market and eliminate the fittest. T plastic bottles and non-metallic objects are not suitable for eddy current detection. If the sum of the weight deviation of the packaging carton and the weight deviation of the beverage in the carton is greater than 70% of the weight of a single bottle of beverage, it is not suitable for weighing detection. Optical fiber detection requires that the repeated positioning accuracy of the beverage bottle is high, and the upper cover of the packaging box cannot cover the beverage bottle

in addition to the above detection methods, we believe that the best way to detect the lack of bottles in the beverage production line is the image processing method, that is, the camera is used to capture the image of the detected object, the computer system processes the image, extracts the bottle cap information, and determines whether there is a lack of bottles. Principle description the bottle shortage detection system is an independent device, which is placed behind the packing machine and before the sealing machine. The mechanical device for bottle shortage detection locates the beverage box, and the camera system is installed above the beverage box, slightly higher than the height of the beverage box when the upper cover plate is upright

the electrical system is composed of camera, image acquisition card, computer, display interface (optional), and low-voltage electrical subsystem. The CCD camera captures the image of the beverage bottle in the beverage box, and the image acquisition card digitizes the analog signal and sends it to the industrial computer. The corresponding application software processes the digital image of the beverage bottle, extracts the bottle cap information, and calculates the number of beverage bottles contained in the carton. If it reaches 12 bottles (the number can be set), it is considered qualified and flows to the next process. Otherwise, it flows into the process to be processed

the paper cover on the beverage box has the characteristics of low strength and high degradation rate in a certain PDLLA( θ) Inner bending does not affect the operation of the camera. The bending angle of the paper cover on the beverage box is greater than θ Corner, it will block part of the beverage bottle, affecting the shooting effect. The result of computer image processing is that if the beverage bottle is less than 12 bottles, it will enter the process to be processed. The operator checks again, and if it is qualified, it will flow to the next normal process

the bottle shortage detection system has the following functions: detect whether there is a lack of beverage bottles in the beverage box; Audible and visual alarm for bottle shortage; The beverage bottle information within one week can be saved for inspection; Count the beverage boxes that lack bottles; Generate corresponding production report (optional); Connect with the MIS system of the factory (optional); Detect whether other brand caps are mixed (optional)

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