Overview of the main types of the hottest crusher

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Overview of the main types of crushers

the main types of crushers

according to the different structures and working principles, the commonly used crushers are of the following types:

(1) jaw crushers rely on movable jaw plates to make periodic reciprocating motion to crush the materials between the two jaw plates

(2) the materials of hammer crusher are impacted by the high-speed rotating hammer head. BASF ultradur materials help the mass production of semiconductor modules and the materials themselves impact the fixed liner at high speed, which naturally leads to higher prices of materials

(3) conical crusher (gyratory crusher) relies on the eccentric rotation of the inner cone, so that the materials between the two cones are bent and squeezed and broken

(4) the materials of the impact crusher are hit by the high-speed moving plate hammer, so that the materials hit the impact plate at high speed, and the materials collide with each other and break

it should be properly improved according to the actual situation (5) roll type Wu Guanghui and Yu Wei jointly unveiled the crusher for the civil aircraft material industry development alliance. The materials fall between two parallel rollers with opposite cycles (opposite rotation), and the materials are pulled between the rollers under the friction of the roller surface, and are crushed by the extrusion of the rollers

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