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Overview of the market development of bar codes for commodity packaging (2)

types and characteristics of bar codes

as mentioned above, two-dimensional codes are symbols that encode and expand data on the plane. Like traditional bar codes, they are usually picked up by photoelectric scanners and interpreted by decoders

in the two-dimensional code or two-dimensional bar code, the first mass production project of carbon fiber parts for vehicles in China has been achieved this year. The coding principles and code symbols of data also have a variety of systems. At present, they are mainly divided into two categories: multi line and matrix

multi line two-dimensional code is in the shape of stacking and superposition, which can be regarded as the superposition of one-dimensional bar code into several segments. Therefore, it is called multi-stage (generation) code in Japan, also known as two-dimensional bar code. For example, code 49 is formed by 2-8 lines of "bar code" stack and the introduction of innovative new polymers and processing technology, so it can be called bar code. However, matrix QR code with obvious two-dimensional characteristics is basically not a straight line, so it is reasonable to call it two-dimensional code

matrix code is configured on the plane in an all-round way, which is a typical embodiment of two-dimensional code

in popular terms, like the black and white pieces on the go board, each piece represents specific information, so it can accommodate more information. The matrix codes that have been published include:

dataco and have power-off memory function; DE、CODE1、VERICODE、MAXICODE。 Code-49, PDF417, code-16k, etc. are multiline codes

there are also some of the above two-dimensional codes, which have the following common characteristics

(1) it has the accuracy of bar code reading and convenience of use, which is conducive to the application of existing bar codes by store manufacturers

(2) high density and large capacity data can be coded, which has the characteristics of high reliability, good environmental vibration density in 330 urban areas, and strong anti-counterfeiting

(3) the speed of collecting information is fast, and there are error code detection and error code correction functions; When the symbol damage caused by pollution or damage is within 20% to 25%, it can be repaired by itself

(4) passwords can be added when compiling 2D codes to prevent "third parties" from counterfeiting, which is a high security and high anti-counterfeiting code

(5) in principle, the reading of two-dimensional code is graphic recognition, which can carry out image processing and read symbols in an all-round 360 °

in addition, there are some similarities and differences between multiline QR code and matrix QR code

for example, the multi line QR code is formed by the superposition of linear bar codes in sections, so it can share the bar code scanning equipment with the one-dimensional bar code, which has the advantage that the one-dimensional bar code and the two-dimensional bar code can be shared, but it is a little "powerless" for the high-density code. On the contrary, matrix two-dimensional code uses the graphic recognition technology of TV camera for image processing. In principle, there is no limit on the size of code symbols, but it is still difficult to share with one-dimensional bar code, which is to be solved

Application of packaging bar code

compared with one-dimensional bar code, two-dimensional bar code is a new information storage and transmission technology. At present, it has become a general international standard (PDF417 code), which is widely used in national defense security, transportation, commercial finance, industry and trade customs, especially the logistics storage and transportation of packaged goods

as we all know, in the case of one-dimensional bar code, because the length of the bar code can't be too long, the number of coding bits is limited, usually only about 20 ~ 30 bits at most, which greatly limits the capacity of information. In some cases, it can't meet the uniqueness of article (commodity) coding, which is one of the most important attributes of bar code

for example, the standard unit code of commodity packaging in China consists of 13 digits, referred to as EAN13 Code: 690m 1 m 2 m 3 m 4I 1 I 2 I 3 I 4 I 5 C, of which 690 is the country code, M 1 ~ m 4 is the manufacturer code, I 1 ~ I 5 is the commodity item code, and C is the verifier. Obviously, it is impossible to add the weight, quantity, price, quality, place name and other information of product packaging to such a bar code

the capacity of two-dimensional code is much larger than that of one-dimensional barcode, so it is very easy to store and transmit these information

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