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Overview of anti-counterfeiting technology for commercial paper printing

commercial paper printing is a bright spot in the growth of the printing industry in recent years. There are three reasons for its rapid growth:

normal>1. The pace of informatization is accelerated, the computer application is the same as buying a tensile testing machine to popularize all walks of life, and the demand for commercial paper printing is greatly increased

normal>2. The tax, finance, postal, telecommunications, electric power, transportation and other systems controlled by the state pay more and more attention to the automation of data processing in order to standardize services and improve efficiency

normal>3. China's commercial paper printing started late (in the early 1980s), with light burden and the so-called late development advantage. Therefore, it is easy to digest. If the fracture is not in the section, absorb and adopt the latest foreign technology, and quickly put into production to achieve the so-called "frog leap development"

according to industry experts, at present, there are more than 1000 relevant units in the national commercial paper industry (including less than 10% of equipment dealers, and the rest are printing enterprises). The characteristics of the current industry are summarized as follows:

1. The development is uneven (similar to the economic development of countries). Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai, Guangdong, Beijing, Tianjin and Shandong are the "leaders", while the "dragon body" and "dragon tail" have not become a climate at present, and there are only large manufacturers in Xi'an and Chengdu in the mainland

2. Many enterprises (probably no less than half) do not put their operating interests in the first place, but look at the face of their "mother-in-law" to live. It has been a long time to call for "restructuring", but it is difficult to return from the heavy burden and difficult to take steps. It can be seen that it is not a day's work to truly develop a market economy and realize marketization

3. The competitive mechanism in developed regions is taking shape, and the public bidding of government procurement has broken through the nylon ring blowing technology at the beginning. However, it is also common to rush orders and maliciously depress prices

how to improve the competitiveness of enterprises, how to improve the technical content of products, how to increase customer satisfaction, and how to achieve higher added value in the printing process are important issues worth pondering by many rigid and good operators

the anti-counterfeiting technology discussed in this paper is one of the effective and important means to solve the above problems. Anti counterfeiting technology involves many disciplines, such as optics, chemistry, physics, electromagnetism, computer technology, spectrum technology, printing technology, graphic digital technology, packaging technology, etc., which belong to an interdisciplinary frontier discipline. The following are the anti-counterfeiting processes that have been or may be adopted by the commercial paper printing industry for the reference and correction of the majority of the industry:

the right table is the anti-counterfeiting technology most commonly used in commercial paper printing, which has three advantages:

1. As the name suggests, it can prevent forgery

2. Decorative face. Just as no beautiful woman can do without cosmetics, commercial paper cannot do without necessary decoration. The application of anti-counterfeiting technology is to kill many birds with one stone, which improves the added value of printing services

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