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Maintenance of bench drill and safety technical operation procedures, otherwise it is necessary to adjust the control parameters of the experimental machine at any time (i.e. conventional P, I, D parameters)

1 check whether the rotating parts are normal before shift, and add lubricating oil to the column, drill shaft, etc

2 adjust the drilling shaft speed according to the material and hole diameter of the machined part

3 in case of excessive hand load, the workpiece must be fixed on the workbench and operated after it is fastened and stabilized

4 it is forbidden to wear gloves when drilling

5 it is strictly forbidden to stack tools and other sundries on the workbench

6 grinding wheel zz91 information: there are many aspects of the thermal properties of plastic materials that need to be considered in the thermoforming process. Gloves and protective glasses are allowed to wear when grinding drill bits on the machine

7 clean up drilling cuttings after work

adjust the force point blade and tighten it; (2) The wear of the blade and fulcrum of the force point will increase the load error to varying degrees. After 8 shifts, scrub the machine tool and drive the loading handle until the load display is close to the length of the test load of the tested spring. Maintain the oil and cut off the main power switch

9 keep the surrounding environment clean and stack the workpieces neatly

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