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Maintenance and repair of printing equipment

in every printing enterprise, the maintenance and repair of equipment is a thing that operators must face every day. If a device does not have regular maintenance and reasonable maintenance, it will not only affect the service life of the machine, but also cannot print excellent products in the long run. Therefore, the maintenance and repair of printing equipment is an important means to ensure the service life of the machine, improve the utilization rate of the equipment and stabilize the quality

next, I'll talk about the details of the maintenance and repair of printing equipment

I. equipment maintenance

1. Daily cleaning and maintenance of equipment

machine cleaning is an important aspect of machine maintenance. Operators must save money, develop clean operation habits and serious and meticulous work attitude, and carefully do a good job in the regular cleaning of machines. This can not only improve the service life of the machine, but also find out the hidden dangers of accidents and wear of the machine in time, and repair it in time. The specific work includes: A: often wipe off the paper powder on the paper feeding table; B: The printing plate cylinder, rubber cylinder and impression cylinder are the heart of the printing machine. The shoulder iron of the printing plate and rubber cylinder should be kept clean; C: Don't leave ink in the cots, let alone make the ink peel on the cots. If you don't use it for a long time, it's best to remove the cots to avoid being squeezed and deformed; D: After printing, the rubber cylinder and the embossing cylinder must be wiped clean; E: Gray answer of the electrical box: the relative resolution of the force value of the level 0.5 and level 1 experimental machine is 0.25% and 0.5% respectively 1/120000 or 1/300000 expresses the relative full-scale resolution value. Dust and oil stains should be cleaned in time to prevent paper wool from entering the relay and contactor switch and causing power failure; F: When cleaning the machine, always check whether the oil circuit is unblocked, whether there are places where you forget to refuel daily, and whether the oil pipe is blocked; G: Also check whether the fasteners are loose or damaged; H: If the machine does not operate for a long time, it is best to cover it with a dust cover to avoid the invasion of ash and sand

2. Three level maintenance system of equipment

first level maintenance refers to that the operator cleans and lubricates the equipment every day and writes the first level maintenance sheet every day. The second level maintenance refers to the weekly maintenance of the equipment by the operators, including the regular cleaning of the interior of the equipment and the inspection of the oil and damaged parts for wear. Three level maintenance refers to the annual maintenance of the equipment, which requires workers and maintenance personnel to complete. It mainly aims at the disassembly and inspection of some parts, the replacement of vulnerable parts, the cleaning of the lubrication system, and the replacement of oil

3. Shift handover of equipment

for equipment used in multi shift system, the equipment operation status table must be carefully filled in during shift handover, so that the next shift operators can accurately grasp the equipment usage

4. Regular inspection of equipment

in order to eliminate the hidden dangers of equipment accidents in time, every machine should be inspected regularly, including daily inspection, weekly inspection, semi annual inspection, and the safety of personnel and machinery and equipment, especially the key parts should be inspected frequently. In case of loose fasteners, accidents may be caused. Therefore, it usually takes a small amount of time to eliminate the hidden dangers of accidents and ensure safety

5. Safe production

"production must be safe, and safety is for production". In order to ensure the safety of life and equipment and prevent accidents, in addition to observing the rules and regulations of the workshop, you should also have the following knowledge of safe production: (1) press the bell before the machine runs. (2) Do not get oil around the machine and on the pedal to prevent slipping when walking. (3) The safety cover and protective facilities on the machine must not be removed. (4) Informal electricians are not allowed to repair electrical facilities. (5) When entering the workshop, the clothes must be tight, and slippers are not allowed. (6) Kailongmang Baili (13.950, 0.00, 0.00%) announced on February 13 that it was necessary to check whether there were tools left on the machine. (7) If you need to drill into the machine or repair the machine, cut off the power supply. (8) Turn off the power, doors and windows before going off duty

II. Equipment maintenance

in addition to the active maintenance of a device, whether the maintenance work is in place in time is also related to the service life and accuracy of the machine. Maintenance work is generally completed by professional maintenance personnel, which is mainly divided into immediate maintenance and planned maintenance

immediate maintenance means that in the process of operation, if the machine has abnormal phenomena, it should be stopped immediately for inspection, and the maintenance personnel should be notified for maintenance. Never run with "disease". After maintenance, check the inside and surrounding of the equipment to see if there are tools or rags left inside the machine

planned maintenance refers to the preparation of repair plans on a yearly and quarterly basis according to the maintenance requirements and the actual situation of the equipment, the replacement of parts to be repaired, the inspection of all aspects of the lubrication system, the major inspection of electrical appliances, and the repair and replacement of parts that affect the operation safety of workers and the safety of machines

III. establishment of equipment maintenance and repair system

equipment maintenance and repair is an important part of equipment management. Its purpose is to improve the utilization rate of equipment, prolong the service life of machines, and improve the accuracy of machines. In order to improve the equipment maintenance and repair system, I think the following points should be emphasized in the specific implementation:

1. Formulate operating process procedures, Formulate special operation instructions for different types of machines

2. Combine the machine maintenance work with the post system of the machine, clarify the maintenance responsibilities of the machine personnel, and make maintenance records every day

3. Establish an assessment system for equipment management and conduct regular assessment on machines

4. Strengthen the training of equipment maintenance common sense and professional knowledge of machine operators

5. Strengthen the management of equipment spare parts warehouse, and always have vulnerable parts, which can reduce the maintenance time and improve the utilization rate of equipment, and repair the replaced parts as much as possible

6. Establish a single machine equipment file, and make detailed records after each maintenance, so as to find out the fault law

7. Manage the technical data of the equipment, especially the electrical cabinet, oil cabinet, parts cabinet and spare parts manual of the equipment, so as to facilitate the search during maintenance

there are many details about equipment maintenance and repair, but the above is only a small part. Only by making the maintenance regular, institutionalized and professional, can the machine play a greater role and create greater economic benefits


source: China packaging 2005/2

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