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Maintenance and use methods of measuring tools

in order to obtain the ideal accuracy in the measurement of machine parts, in addition to controlling the measurement environmental factors, we must pay attention to the use and maintenance of measuring tools. Measurement error will occur due to improper use; Poor maintenance will damage its accuracy and affect the product quality. Therefore, the following matters should be paid attention to in the use and maintenance of a relative mechanical data laboratory machine like measuring tools:

I. preparation of measuring tools before use:

(1) before starting measurement, confirm whether the measuring tools are zero

(2) check whether the measuring surface of the measuring tool is rusted, worn or scratched

(3) first remove the burrs, oil stains or slag on the measuring surface of the workpiece

(4) wipe it with a fine clean soft cloth or dust-free paper

(5). The record book needs to be inspected regularly and corrected again if necessary

(6) arrange the measuring tools and instruments to be used in proper positions, and do not overlap them

(7) the measuring tools with high efficiency and high damage should be paved on the workbench with soft flannelette or soft wiping paper to recycle, classify, clean, crush the plastic waste into granules or powders, and then add it into the concrete. Although the recycled plastic modified concrete formed has decreased in physical and mechanical properties, it can restrict the generation and development of internal cracks in the concrete, Make the concrete show better ductility (such as optical flat mirror, etc.)

II. Precautions for the use of measuring tools:

(1) the contact with the workpiece during measurement should be appropriate and not deflected. It is necessary to avoid touching the measuring surface with hands and protect the measuring tools

(2) the measuring force should be appropriate. Excessive measuring pressure will produce measurement error, which is easy to damage the work volume

(3) the clamping method of the workpiece should be appropriate to avoid inaccurate measurement

(4) do not measure the rotating workpiece to avoid danger

(5) do not force the measuring tools into the factory. The above items are used in the factory price parts or clamping vises

(6). Do not knock, throw or leave the measuring tools randomly

(7) the use of special measuring tools should follow certain methods and steps

III. maintenance of measuring tools after use:

(1) clean them after use

(2) coat the cleaned measuring tools with anti rust oil and store them in the cabinet

(3) disassembly, adjustment, modification and assembly shall be carried out by special management personnel, and shall not be carried out without authorization

(4) regularly check whether the performance of stored measuring tools is normal, and make maintenance records

(5) regular inspection should be carried out to verify whether the size is qualified, which can be used as the basis for continued use or elimination, and a record of comparative inspection and maintenance should be made

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