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Tractor gearbox maintenance and troubleshooting

I. precautions for gearbox use and maintenance

1 Before each shift, the main clutch should be completely disengaged and the throttle should be properly controlled to avoid gear impact when shifting

2. Do not operate the shift lever too hard during fast gear, otherwise the shift fork will be damaged or the travel stop of the shift shaft will be broken, resulting in disordered gear

3. The oil seal is to prevent the transmission gear oil from flowing into the clutch chamber. For this reason, the oil seal should be regularly checked for failure. If the oil leakage is serious, it should be replaced in time

4. Always check whether there is oil seepage at the cotter pin. If there is oil seepage, check whether the oil seal is invalid

5. The gearbox is connected with the rear axle, and the same gear oil is used. The lubricating oil is injected from the oil filler plug hole on the rear upper cover of the rear axle housing. The vent hole on the oil filler plug should always be kept unblocked. The oil level height is now essential for people. It can be measured with the dipstick on the right side of the rear axle housing. The oil level should be between the two scribed lines on the dipstick. When draining the oil, unscrew the transmission oil drain plug and the rear axle oil drain plug to drain the oil

6. A clearance adjusting washer is installed on the end face of the power drive shaft to ensure that the clearance is about 0.3mm. During disassembly and repair, if it is seriously worn, it should be replaced

II. Common troubleshooting of gearbox

1 There is a knocking sound in the gearbox

when the gearbox is used for too long, the internal shaft and bearing wear a lot, and each gear surface is also worn accordingly. If the gear pair meshing operation needs to open the gearbox, it will be unstable, and there will be periodic knocking sound. After the planetary gears and shafts in the planetary reduction mechanism are worn, there will also be a knocking sound. At this time, disassemble the gearbox, find out the causes one by one, and replace the damaged parts

2. There are many gear jumps

due to the failure of the locking mechanism and control mechanism of the transmission. The wear of the semi-circular positioning groove on the shift fork shaft and the insufficient force of the locking spring will invalidate the vehicle structure of the locking machine that has been publicized by the Ministry of industry and information technology as a new product. At this time, the damaged parts should be replaced. If the shift fork is seriously worn or bent, as well as the ball head at the lower end of the shift lever is seriously worn, it will affect the shift travel, make the meshing position of the working gear pair inaccurate, and cause gear skipping. The damaged parts shall be corrected and repaired by welding or replaced

3. Out of gear

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when the gear is shifted too hard, the shift shaft travel limit will be bent or broken, resulting in out of gear. At this time, remove the hydraulic lift cover, replace the shift shaft travel stop, and check whether each shift fork shaft and shift fork are damaged or bent. (end)

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