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Maintenance and service work to be done to extend the service life of the Rotorless vulcanizer

in order to ensure the normal operation of the instrument and extend the service life, users are not required to do the following maintenance and service work:

1 the transmission of the mechanical part is stable

1.1 The inside and outside of the rotating speed of the machine must be kept clean after the instrument is changed, and corrosive solutions or high-speed sampling are prohibited; Clean the instrument surface with gasoline

1.2. Clean the two guide pillars with a soft cloth dipped in engine oil every one or two weeks

add oil to the bearing every month and lubricate the easily worn parts

if it is not used for a long time, the upper and lower mold surfaces should be coated with lubricating oil

1.3. After each test, clean the rubber residue in the mold cavity

1.4. The pneumatic coupling in the machine is cleaned with kerosene every three months

1.5. The air circuit should be kept clean

1.6. The oil atomizer should be kept with oil and be increased to 2/3 height

1.7 the pressure gauge shall be identified once every six months

2 electrical part

2.1 When the machine breaks down, first check whether the fuse is blown. If it is blown, first analyze the cause and find out the cause before replacing it with a new fuse

2.2. When the fuses are in good condition, check whether the connectors are loose

2.3. Check whether the switching power supply meets the nominal value, that is, the output should be +5v, +12v. If there is any abnormality, turn it off immediately

2.4. The maintenance principle of the circuit board adopts the method of whole piece replacement. The user can purchase another spare board when purchasing the machine. It is strictly prohibited to move around during the warranty period, otherwise he will bear the consequences

2.5. The vulnerable parts of the printer should be replaced frequently

2.6. When the instrument is not used for a long time, it must be powered on once a week for at least 15 minutes to keep the electronic components in a normal state

2.7. Do not touch the integrated circuit on the printed board to avoid electrostatic breakdown

2.8. Users of circuit boards and measurement and control modules generally do not need to dismantle them. If there is a problem, the goal should be to remove the polishing damage layer and repair it in time

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