Principle of thermal arc spraying technology

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Principle of arc spraying technology

arc spraying is a technology that uses the arc burning between two continuously fed metal wires to melt the metal, atomizes the molten metal with high-speed air flow, and accelerates the atomized metal particles to form a coating on the workpiece with high cost performance. Arc spraying is one of the most commonly used thermal spraying methods in practical application projects, such as corrosion prevention, wear resistance of steel structures and maintenance of mechanical parts. Arc spraying system is generally composed of special power supply for spraying, control device, arc gun, wire feeder and compressed air supply system

arc sprayed long-term anti-corrosion composite coating refers to the composite coating of arc sprayed metal coating plus sealing coating. Arc sprayed metal coating mainly includes arc sprayed zinc, aluminum and their alloy coatings. Sealing coating includes sealing bottom layer, sealing middle layer and sealing surface layer. The anti-corrosion principle of arc spraying long-term anti-corrosion composite coating on steel substrate is the combination of physical shielding and cathodic protection. The main function of the closed coating is to physically isolate the corrosion of various corrosive media on the metal coating and steel substrate. The arc spraying metal coating provides cathodic protection for the steel substrate at the expense of its own protection. The test of the Dutch hot dip galvanizing Research Institute shows that the corrosion resistance of the composite coating formed by zinc spraying or aluminum sealing treatment is better than that of the zinc spraying or aluminum coating and the sealing coating alone? Odarczyk adds that the sum of life values is 50~130% higher. This effect is known as the best synergy effect (syne2, rgy effect, a direct digital control drive system implemented by a high-speed processor), and has been internationally recognized. Thus, it can be obtained that the arc spraying long-term corrosion protection adjusts the displacement measuring instrument to the zero point, and the calculation formula of the service life of the composite coating is as follows: the service life of the composite coating = (service life of the aluminum spraying coating + service life of the sealing coating) × 1.5~2.3。 (end)

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