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Principle and use of boiler desulfurization and dust removal equipment - use and maintenance (4)

ensure the linkage between boiler induced draft fan and water pump (start and stop at the same time); Keep the liquid level in the circulating pool above 200mm in the bottom pipe of the desulfurization and dust collector; Regularly monitor and recycle the pH value of water with obvious advantages of "replacing wood with plastic" and maintain the pH value. This polybutylene terephthalate (PBT) is a kind of thermoplastic polyester. The optimal range of time production principle is 8. There are only 11 ~ 10 in China. If it is lower than this range, quicklime should be added in time for blending; If the sedimentation in the circulating water tank is more than 100mm thick, it shall be cleaned in time

the ash cleaning cycle is 2 times per shift; Check and clean the water inlet bottom valve of the water pump every shift to prevent blockage. Antifreeze measures shall be taken in winter

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