Principle of the hottest pneumatic marking machine

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Pneumatic marking machine principle


under the drive of compressed air, control the high-speed vibration of carbon tungsten alloy needle, and make dense but discontinuous points on the workpiece surface. The density of these points depends on the frequency of carbon tungsten alloy needle movement

the controller/computer controls the printing needle to move in the X and Y two-dimensional planes according to the trajectory set by the computer, so as to print numbers, letters, vector diagrams and other marks with a certain depth on the workpiece

characteristics and application range

· it is applicable to a variety of materials and can be marked on metal or non-metal surfaces

· it can be marked on various surfaces, such as plane, spherical, concave and convex surfaces

· the marking speed is fast. The content can be designed by the controller or computer and can be directly marked and output

· desktop, portable, integrated and multifunctional models are available for you to choose from

· modular product programs are easier to meet your needs

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· mainly used in automobile, motorcycle, aerospace, shipping, petroleum machinery, engineering machinery, steel, tool manufacturing, military products, fire protection, molding and other industries; Auto parts 6. Main items for public comment, parameters changed on the metal nameplate, automobile shelf number, industrial signs, industrial parts, molds, craft gifts, bearings, chips, faucets, piston rings, handicrafts, stainless steel tableware, electrical panels, electric meter panels, etc

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