All inclusive 180000 luxury, modern European style

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Decoration owner files:

Real Estate: new world Evergrande Washington [more case pictures] area: 138.96 square meters

style: Modern European house type: three bedrooms, two living rooms, two bathrooms and one kitchen cost: 180000 (all inclusive) decoration company: face-to-face decoration [decoration bidding, decoration map]

Design Analysis:

Simple European style caters to the love of young people now. Now the busy life in the city has already made us tired of drinking and drinking, We prefer a quiet, peaceful, bright, spacious and comfortable home to eliminate the fatigue of work and forget the noise of the city

the overall design will make all the details look very simple and elegant. There are few decorative parts, but careful consideration should be given to the choice of color layout and decoration materials. The color is mainly ivory white, mainly light color, supplemented by dark color. The design is relatively fresh, which is more in line with the introverted aesthetic concept of the Chinese people

photos of the Eiffel Tower hanging in the living room highlight the customers' love for Paris and other European countries! The overall tone is mainly light color, supplemented by dark color. The chandeliers, TV cabinets and other decorations in the living room add to the sense of European luxury, and the round tea table highlights the gentle and graceful noble temperament of customers

the background image of the soft bag in the middle of the TV background wall uses reflective materials as lines to create a feeling of metal, which improves the overall sense of luxury. The mirror design is used on both sides as a local ornament, which extends the space

the corridor combines all functional zones, and the hollow patterns are interspersed in the middle of the long corridor ceiling, breaking the depression brought by the overall ceiling

the floor glass sliding door of the balcony gives a panoramic view of the outside scenery. The background wall of the restaurant is decorated with wallpaper with light blue patterns, which adds a touch of jumping blue to the original elegant tone to make the finishing touch

analysis of house type

advantages: this house type has strong requirements for storage space. Owners don't need to worry at all. Having a separate storage space is rare in most house type structures

disadvantages: the aisle from the entrance door to the bedroom door is too long, and this space is too wasteful

how to correct: combine all functional zones in the corridor. If the corridor is too long, set the end view shape of the wall on one wall to enrich the whole environment

editor's comments:

the design of this case is inspired by blues. Blues, also translated as blues, is a type of music, pure and soothing. It is called soul music. Blue gives people a calm and noble feeling. Wood elements in the room, light blue with white wood, set off a leisurely home atmosphere. The overall color of the room is based on bright colors such as rice, white and blue, which brings people a feeling of sunshine and openness. The overall light color space is decorated with khaki, which has the effect of making the finishing point. The fresh blue is integrated into the European decoration style, just like the smooth jazz of Yuanyuan, telling the soul story of nobility, clarity and connotation. If you want to know more cases, please pay attention to [2013 most complete community decoration effect drawing]




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