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From February 21 to 22, the 2017 Rheinland egger wealth Strategy Summit of "gathering potential, seeking far and winning the future" was grandly held in Chengdu

from February 21 to 22, the 2017 Rheinland egger wealth Strategy Summit of "gathering potential, seeking far and winning the future" was grandly held in Chengdu! Luo Junyi, the chairman of Rheinland egger, Zhou Jianzhong, the executive director of Rheinland egger, Xu Yongkun, the general manager of the business department of Rheinland egger Jiujiang factory, Yang Han, the general manager of the production of Rheinland egger Jiujiang factory, Li Wen, the general manager of the production of Rheinland egger Wenjiang factory, Pu Guanghong, the general manager of the production of Rheinland egger Chongzhou factory, Gong Xiaohua, the general manager of the marketing center of Rheinland egger, and dozens of other senior leaders, as well as the God of war elites from all over the country gathered together, Review the development achievements of Rheinland egger in 2016 and look forward to the new strategic development plan of Rheinland egger in 2017

activity site

at 9 a.m. on the 22nd, Rheinland egger's family went to Rheinland egger production base to visit and study. After arriving at the base, the clean and tidy plant and the environmental friendly waste gas treatment system have changed the traditional impression of the factory, giving the Rhine egger family deep feelings. The staff of the factory gave a warm reception and explained the production process of Rheinland egger and the newly introduced German Haomai equipment. After seeing the latest production lines and products, the family members were very excited and expressed more confidence in doing well Rheinland egger

dealers went to Rheinland egger production base to visit and study

at 2:00 p.m., Rheinland egger Strategy Summit officially began. As the chairman of the board of directors, Mr. Luo Junyi, who led Rheinland egger people to forge ahead bravely and forge ahead, and opened up the unique brand forging growth path in the customized home furnishing industry, first cordially expressed his heartfelt thanks and warm welcome to all participants present, and then expressed his views on the development trend of China's customized home furnishing industry and the development path of Rheinland egger. Luo Dong believes that "the trend of customized products in the future is irreversible; Rheinland egger should comprehensively build a production system, service system, marketing system, communication system and other construction; the upgrading of learning, practice, precipitation and progress is the only way for the development of Rheinland egger; Rheinland egger people need to learn to communicate and interact; I hope you can roll up your sleeves and work hard in 2017 to become a big golden rooster!"

chairman Luo's speech was concise and inspiring. Facing the opportunities and challenges of the current development of customized home furnishing industry, Mr. Zhou Jianzhong, executive director of Rheinland egger, described Rheinland egger's 2017 plan from the aspects of organizational structure, production side construction, sales side transformation, product planning and so on. By the end of 2017, Rheinland egger will have nine Haomai automatic CNC production lines to escort terminal sales! This made the dealer's family members present excited. "Focus on development and production", Rheinland egger is writing a new chapter in the field of back-end production and manufacturing

as the saying goes, "women are no match for men." In rhineger's group, in addition to the brave men who are good at fighting, there are also the "Iron Lady" to the letter. Ms. gongxiaohua, general manager of Rheinland egger marketing center, believes that "doing" is the spirit of every Rheinland egger person. As long as you work hard, there are no sales goals that cannot be achieved and no sales miracles that cannot be created. At this conference, President Gong also introduced in detail the measures taken by Rheinland egger in terms of brand promotion in 2017, made a strong landing on the five major channels of CCTV, and carried out in-depth cooperation with Huiya media, China wardrobe network, Netease, Baidu and other media to expand brand influence. In addition, President Gong made a profound explanation on the supporting policies, incentive policies and marketing deployment in the new year, Continue to ignite the enthusiasm of the dealers present

Gong Xiaohua, general manager of Rheinland egger marketing center, delivered a speech on the stage

General Manager Gong introduced China wardrobe magazine

not long ago, Rheinland egger joined hands with Jianzhong Zhiye, a top consulting company in the industry. At this summit, Rheinland egger was lucky to invite the founder of Jianzhong, Mr. Hou Dingwen. Mr. Hou has brought experience sharing to the dealers of Rheinland egger in terms of store sales, relationship processing, performance improvement, etc. in addition, Mr. Zhong Xiangming, from Jianzhong Zhiye, introduced and demonstrated the necessity and purpose of the T6 system that Rheinland egger will soon apply to the dealer terminal in 2017. The application of this system will bring qualitative improvement to the dealer's sales performance, team management, etc

teacher houdingwen, founder of Jianzhong Zhiye

teacher Zhong Xiangming of Jianzhong Zhiye came to the stage to introduce T6 system

then, the outstanding dealers of Rheinland egger represented Zhang Zilu in Hu County, Shaanxi Province, Liu Sicheng in Shimian, Sichuan Province, Liang Yong in Kaizhou, Chongqing, Yang Feng in Dazhu, Sichuan Province, Liu Liping in Panzhihua, Pu Yingwen in Mianyang, Sichuan Province, and Zhang Wenwu in Rongchang, Chongqing, and so on to share their management methods on the stage, from team management Many dealers here said that they benefited a lot from the multidimensional analysis of various aspects, such as operation mode and sales channels

Mr. Zhu Yun, general manager of China wardrobe network, also said at the conference that "the development prospect of the customized home furnishing industry can not be underestimated, and we hope to cooperate more closely with each other in the future to achieve win-win results. At the same time, we also wish all our dealer friends of Rheinland egger to achieve brilliant results in 2017."

in addition, Qin Jinjiang, general manager of Huiya media, sent video greetings and blessings to Rheinland egger. General manager Qin said that Rheinland egger had made remarkable achievements in market expansion, network layout, sales and other aspects in 2016. In 2017, under the leadership of Luo Dong, Rheinland egger will work together with Rheinland egger team and national distributors to create win-win and create brilliance

Qin Jinjiang, general manager of Huiya media, sent a video blessing

in addition, Mr. Gu Haodong, Secretary General of Chengdu furniture industry chamber of Commerce, Mr. Yang wensong, President of Sichuan Decoration Association, Mr. Chen Pengyu, general manager of Wanhua hexiangban Southwest District, Mr. Lin Defeng, general manager of Jintian Haomai Chengdu office, and other senior people in the industry also affirmed the development speed and strength of Rheinland egger, At the same time, I also send my sincere wishes for the development of Rheinland egger

at the party, the first outstanding dealer Council of Rheinland egger was ceremoniously established and the prosperous era was launched. This move will better shorten the distance between enterprises and dealers, realize the interactive communication between dealers, and provide a high-quality platform for Rheinland egger people. It is of far-reaching significance. At the award ceremony, the best activity promotion award, the best leap forward award, the best store award, the best team award, the best sales award and so on went to each family. Talking about their feelings after joining Rheinland egger, these dealers heartily recognized Rheinland egger's good products and its true attitude, and believed that it was lucky and worthwhile to choose to be a part of Rheinland egger

the first session of Rheinland egger excellent dealer Council was ceremoniously established

award ceremony site

excellent dealer representatives were interviewed by the media

Luo Dong was interviewed by Huiya media

president Gong was interviewed by Huiya media

in addition, the display of the high morale of Rheinland egger marketing center team won applause from the audience, which made all participants personally feel what the real team strength is, What is the real "God of war"! At the end of the exhibition, the marketing center team made military orders one after another and collectively vowed to work hard to achieve the 2017 sales target

finally, the grand event ended successfully in the program carefully prepared by Rheinland egger. In 2016, Rheinland egger achieved fruitful results, which cannot be separated from the strong support and help of Rheinland egger team, distributors and the media. In 2017, Rheinland egger is bound to live up to expectations, be truth-based, fight for the soul, gather momentum, seek the future and win the future





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